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Friday, December 7, 2018

Wild Atlantic chauffeured tours with Dove and Dave Hogan

Sorry but i have been having a break since my touring season ended but i am back once again now and will be posting more often from now on.
Do you really want to drive these roads, or would you enjoy it better if you let me do that for you.?
I myself was born on the Wild Atlantic Way on the shores of the beautiful Galway Bay, overlooking the Atlantic ocean, and the Aran Islands, which guard the entrance at the mouth of that bay. Galway was such a wonderful place to grow up in, we were swimming all through the Summer months, and thoroughly enjoying the many games we would play on the seafront during the wild raging Winter storms. We had buggies with sails, and we would fly along the seafront roads with little regard for danger, and we did somehow survive it all.
Today our enjoyment is more sensible, and now it is all about the magnificent views, the wonderful friendly people, the clean fresh air, and the fabulous food, fresh fish and seafood, and the finest of free range beef and lamb. Of course there are the many old styled pubs where you can enjoy your pint of Guinness, or whatever, in the evenings. It is heaven to me.
Touring areas like the Dingle peninsula, is for me a magical benefit from what i do for a living. enjoying people enjoying themselves, something which gives me great pleasure, and people cannot but enjoy these areas where i grew up, and have spent most of my life. 

How about a journey through the fantastic Gap of Dunloe on the horse drawn jaunting cars. This road was carved through the Kerry mountains by a giant glacier during the ice age.These type of extras are always included in my tours and you can enjoy them too.
Scenes like this, with sheep risking life and limb to find the sweetest of grass on the hillsides.
Finding the remains of old famine time cottages, like the ones that maybe your own ancestors lived in many years ago.
My heart is in rural Ireland where i believe you find the "Real Irish" the people. People who have not lost their wonderful friendly way, and who welcome everybody as though they were long lost cousins. I stopped on the road one day and had a lovely conversation with this really friendly farmer, who was enjoying the sunshine while walking his Irish Red Setter dogs.
Need i say any more. Come and see it with me for yourself.
I always also make time for people to visit out capital city, Dublin, at either the begining or the end of their tour with me. Maybe you may want to include other places that you have to visit also for personal reasons. Just let me know and we can plan the perfect holiday for you.

Drop me a line. I would love to hear from you. I still have free time in the coming year, but the sooner you start planning, the better.
Looking forward to talking to you. Just send me your number, and i will call you.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Crowley tour of Wild Atlantic Way comes to an end.

All good things come to an end, and so it was today as my lovely happy Crowley's departed from Dublin airport for home today. This was a very special tour, and one that i know we all enjoyed equally. They came to have a great time and that was what they had. I always believe that when people come with that in mind, that that is how it works out.
I could not say enough about this hard working young couple who deserved nothing less than a really fine experience in the land where they both have ancestral connections.
Just a couple of final pictures of Kevin and Loren, standing by the harbour in Kinvara with Dun Guaire Castle in the distance behind them.
Another lovely picture, showing a close up view of this ancient castle. I always say that the sun always shines on the righteous, and so it was for this special couple this past week.
Thank you so much Loren and Kevin for allowing me the pleasure of being in your company during the past week. It takes lovely people like yourselves, and indeed many other wonderful new friends who have traveled with me down through the years, to keep me going in what is a difficult, but most rewarding, business.  I know that many people who follow my Blog have happy memories of the places we spent time in together over the past few days and i am sure that they also enjoyed traveling with you on this journey.
I wish you a long and happy life, one that i know you will both enjoy together.
God Bless you both, and lets stay in touch.
Your Irish friend always