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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Crowley tour of Wild Atlantic Way comes to an end.

All good things come to an end, and so it was today as my lovely happy Crowley's departed from Dublin airport for home today. This was a very special tour, and one that i know we all enjoyed equally. They came to have a great time and that was what they had. I always believe that when people come with that in mind, that that is how it works out.
I could not say enough about this hard working young couple who deserved nothing less than a really fine experience in the land where they both have ancestral connections.
Just a couple of final pictures of Kevin and Loren, standing by the harbour in Kinvara with Dun Guaire Castle in the distance behind them.
Another lovely picture, showing a close up view of this ancient castle. I always say that the sun always shines on the righteous, and so it was for this special couple this past week.
Thank you so much Loren and Kevin for allowing me the pleasure of being in your company during the past week. It takes lovely people like yourselves, and indeed many other wonderful new friends who have traveled with me down through the years, to keep me going in what is a difficult, but most rewarding, business.  I know that many people who follow my Blog have happy memories of the places we spent time in together over the past few days and i am sure that they also enjoyed traveling with you on this journey.
I wish you a long and happy life, one that i know you will both enjoy together.
God Bless you both, and lets stay in touch.
Your Irish friend always

Friday, October 26, 2018

Crowley's in the Gap of Dunloe and Ladies View on the Ring of Kerry.

Today was a highlight day, as we were entering the famous Gap of Dunloe, an ancient road, carved through the Kerry mountains by a giant glacier during the ice age. This is a memorable journey and one best taken with an experienced driver.

 On our way into the Gap, as we approach one of the old bridges.
 In olden times, these houses were stop off posts along the way where you could rest your horses.

 Another lovely view of the Gap journey.

The Gap road is littered with gigantic boulders, all remnants of the glacial activity, as it carved its way through the mountains. Kevin was useful today, as he helped to clear the way for us at one point.
 There are many small glacial lakes, all along the way up to the Gap at the top.
 It is home here to the mountain sheep, goats, and indeed deer.This is a sheep by the way.
 A tender moment for my lovely young couple.
 What a lovely cottage style house, and its for sale. If you want a really secluded place to live, it could be the one for you.
 A lovely mountains stream in the Black Valley, which you enter after descending from the Gap on the far side of the mountains.
 A cosy cluster of sheep, huddled together on this chilly day.
 Kevin and Loren, snuggled together in the Black Valley, with this farmhouse in the background. All of these farmers here are sheep farmers.
 A sneak picture of a ram and a sheep, as we neared the end of our journey through the Black Valley

Looking back at the Gap in the mountains, from Mols Gap, at the end of the Gap tour.
 The second part of our journey was the descent from Mols Gap, down into the Killarney National Forest Park, and on to the unforgettable Ladies View, so named by Queen Victoria, as she stood here with her handmaidens during her visit to this area in the mid eighteen hundreds. She declared it to be "The most be the most beautiful view in the kingdom". Standing at this point, you have a wonderful view of the lakes of Killarney, stretching down below all the way back to the town of Killarney.
 Torc waterfall is another unmissable place to visit as you proceed on down through the the forest park, on your way back to Killarney, and here we have Kevin, posing for another impressive picture.
 Now he is joined by Loren for an even more impressive picture.
 Finally, Muckross House, the stately mansion, where the Queen stayed during her visit to Killarney.
 A picture of the rear of the house, showing the fire escape, which was installed especially for the Queen, as her accommodations had to prepared on the ground floor of the house, as she had a dread of being burnt alive, due to a bad experience she had as a child. You can see the fire escape in the background.
 Wonderful gardens had to be created for the Queen, and here we have Kevin and Loren, pictured together in front of this beautiful old oak tree.
Another lovely view of my pals in the Muckross house gardens.
This was a truly spectacular and magical day, and i know that we all really enjoyed this, our final full day together.
Tomorrow we begin the final leg of our tour, as we make our way back to Dublin, where we will be parting company, after what i hope will have been a memorable trip to Ireland for Loren and Kevin. It was memorable for me.