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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Culbertson on Irish tour with Dovechauffeurdrive and Dave Hogan

Linda Culbertson, and her husband Dean, and friends, Barbara and Gary Groshner, arrived in Galway today. I think they must be staying for a while, judging by their luggage.It would be lovely if they were, as they are a very nice friendly group, and i know that their tour will be enjoyable. Why don't you come along and enjoy this tour with us.
Linda is involved in education at home, so a most important visit for her was the University College in Galway city, one of four Universities set up by Queen Victoria during her reign.
From the left here, we have Garyand Barbara Groshner, and  Linda and Dean Culbertson, posing, outside the magnificent Cathedral in Galway, which is a very old style design, but yet was only built in the mid  nineteen hundreds, and officially opened in 1965 by Cardinal Cushing.
Dean, Linda, Gary and Barbara, pictured inside this beautiful Cathedral. Unfortunately the light was poor, which did nothing for this picture. The stain glass rose window, in the background, is really lovely, and one of two such windows.
This picture showing the other rose window, was taken looking down the length of the cathedral.
Tomorrow we are set for a trip to the awesome Cliffs of Moher, so hopefully we will have more pictures to show you, taken in better light.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Scott Skie and party on the Ring of Kerry with Dave Hogan and Dovechauffeurdrive

More photos as our tour together comes to an end.
All together on the Ring of Kerr,y with Dingle Bay and the Dingle peninsula, in the background.
Waterville, on the Ring of Kerry, was a favourite vacation destination for Charlie Chaplin, where they have since erected this statue of that famous man. Here we have Tony and Phylis, standing with Charlie. Please note that Charlie is the one in the middle.
All the group together with Charlie.
A lovely picture of Eric, his Mom Nancy, and Scott, on the mountain top at Cumakishca.
Ladies View is the most talked about place on the Ring, as this was the view that Queen Victoria declared to be the most beautiful in the Kingdom,during her visit to Killarney.
The day after our day on the Ring, we left Killarney behind, and began our journey to Kinsale. Our first stop off on this journey, was the renowned Blarney Castle. This picture was taken in the grounds of the castle, with the castle in the background.
From the left, the young guy with the sun glasses is me, then Nancy, Eric, Scott, Phylis, Tony, Chris and Amanda.
This looks like Chris, pictured at the top of the castle, with Amanda making sure to hang on to him when he leans back to kiss the stone.She really was afraid that he might fall as he had the phone and their wallet.
From Blarney we moved on to Midleton,outside Cork city, and the famous John Jameson Distillery.
Well here comes one happy guy loaded, with whiskey for that special party he is going to hold for all his pals when he gets home.From what i hear, i do not think that he bought half enough. He told me that tickets for the party will be a bit pricey as Jameson whiskey is expensive, and the one he bought cannot be bought in the USA.
All together again, sitting on the wall above Kinsale harbour, in glorious sunshine once again. You cannot beat Irish weather, regardless of the nonsense you hear from so called experts. I always tell the doubters to scroll back on my Blog and see for themselves just how few wet days you will find there.
The full gang, pictured in Kinsale, with the harbour in the background.
From the left, Tony, Phylis, Chris, with his Irish cap, Amanda, Eric,my new Irish nephew, and best pal, Nancy and Scott.
A fitting picture to end this Blog, Scott and Nancy. seated on the harbour wall in Kinsale.What a lovely couple.

This was a really lovely tour, full of laughter, beautiful scenery, great food and entertainment, nice hotels, and all in all, a rewarding experience as we journeyed through this amazing country, just getting to know one another, and to realise that this world is still such a wonderful world despite all the other things that are going on.
Thank you sincerely, Scott, Nancy, Tony, Phylis, Amanda, Chris, and of course my buddy, Eric.
God bless you all.
Safe home.