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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dingle on chauffeurdriven tour of the south west of Ireland

Today was our day on the magical Dingle peninsula, and once again the weather was favourable, not quiet as much sunshine, but very warm, and a bit overcast. It really was a nice day. 
In this picture, my friends are sitting on the low wall above the lovely Inch beach, which you pass on your way to Dingle town. This place has become extremely popular for surfing.
From the left, Jack, Sheryl, Maureen, and Tom.
Our next stop was near Slea Head, where the above photo with Sheryl holding the lamb, with Jack supporting, was taken. You can also visit the Beehive huts here, photos of which you will see below.
What a cute photo of Sheryl, feeding this lamb, and he was not long finishing his bottle.
Here we have Jack and Sheryl, Maureen and Tom, standing outside this ancient beehive hut. It is hard to believe that people actually lived in these dwellings, but they did, and many of them in this region.These type of homes were to be found in other mainland European countries also.

There were different types of these dwellings, some larger communal types, as the one pictured above, which were linked to each other by internal tunnels. In this photo, you can see, Jack, Maureen, Tom and Sheryl, at the far end of one of these interconnecting tunnels, and inside another beehive hut at the other end.
Tom, making his way back to the main hut.
The views from Slea head at the tip of the peninsula, from where you can see the Blasket Islands offshore, are stunning. Here again we have our full party, sitting on the wall, with the islands in the background.
Another wonderful scene from the Slea head area.
Later we returned to Killarney where Cheryl and Jack spent time at Muckross House and gardens. The picture above shows the old house, famous for having had Queen Victoria as a very special guest back in the eighteen hundreds.

A lovely picture of the lawns that sweep down to the lake at the front, and side, of the house.
Tonight we had a really great meal at Killarney's best Mexican restaurant, Casita Mexicana. This place is well worth a visit as their food is superb, something our group would gladly testify to.
Another highlight of our day today was the Celtic Steps show at the Killarney racecourse this evening. Because today was Solstice day, the show was held outdoors for the night. In this picture we have once again, from the left, Jack, Sheryl, Maureen, and Tom, happily waiting for the show to begin.

I took this picture, in the fading light, as the grand finale was taking place on the stage, ending what was for everybody, a spectacular night's entertainment. If you are in Killarney, this is a show not to be missed, and runs right through right into October, six nights a week.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Killarney and the Gap of Dunloe on chauffeurdriven tour with dovechauffeurdrive and Dave Hogan

What a perfect day for that magical tour of the Gap of Dunloe in Killarney. This is a journey on an ancient mountain road through the Kerry mountains, a road that was formed by a giant glacier, which cut through the mountains during the ice age.
In the picture above we have from the left, Tom, Jack, the buggy driver, Maureen and Sheryl.
The gap of Dunloe, in the mountains above. As you make this journey, you travel by many glacial lakes.
Jack and Maureen, enjoying the ride. Tom and Sheryl were enjoying a walk at this point.

Nearly there, after a long climb.
While making this journey, there is a snack break at Lord Brandon's Cottage, when you finish your jaunting car ride. There you board your boats, and journey down through the lakes of Killarney. Here we have Tom and Maureen at the entrance to Lord Brandon's cottage.

Jack and Sheryl, at the same place
What a lovely picture of Jack and Sheryl, obviously enjoying this trip.
 Looks like Maureen and Tom are also having a great time.
Now the full group.
Sheryl and Maureen, smiling together.
 Approaching the historic Ross castle, at the end of this epic journey. This is a trip well worth taking, if you ever get to Killarney.

A great day was had by all, and tomorrow we look forward to visiting another one of Ireland's most fascinating and most beautiful of areas, the Dingle peninsula.
Come along, and enjoy.