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Friday, July 26, 2019

Recupero tour comes to an end.

My latest tour with the Recupero party, finally ended on Monday, and,as a result of a computer problem, i have not been able to complete their Blog until now. It limited the amount of photos to the few i am posting here now, but hopefully, they do at least help to show this lovely group, happy and smiling together, as they ended their tour at the famous Dun Guaire Castle in Kinvara. This was their final night and they celebrated it in style at a Medieval Banquet in this ancient castle.

 Here we have Greg, Sheryl, Kyle, and Noah, pictured together in front of the castle, just on the outskirts of Kinvara in County Galway.
 Now here we have the full party, from the left, GiGi, Sheryl, Greg, Kyle,Zack and Noah.
 Enjoying a drop of Mead, the honey drink you are treated to on entering the reception area, before retiring upstairs to the banqueting hall. From the left, Noah, Zack, GiGi and Kyle.
 Greg and Sheryl, also enjoying their mead with the lovely harpist and singer in the background.

This had been a really nice, and most pleasant tour, with a lovely family group, who came to enjoy themselves here in Ireland, and i know that they did just that.
One of the highlights of this tour for me had been in our local church on Saturday evening, when they all came to celebrate mass together in our local church, and GigGig joined our local choir, and treated the congregation to a solo performance of superb quality to the surprise of everybody. As i myself happen to be the organist in our choir, this was extra special for me. Thank you GiGi, our locals are still hailing your praises.
In conclusion, let me just thank all of you, Sheryl and Greg, GiGi and Zack, Kyle and Noah, for traveling with us here at Dovechauffeurdrive, and if you ever wish to return, just let me know. You will always be more than welcome.
Love you all.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Recupero in Connemara July 2019.

Connemara was where the Recupero's were headed today on another really nice day. Our weather has been really nice recently, and looks fairly settled for most of the days ahead, but of course the farmers are already praying for some rain.
The village of Cong, in South Mayo, bordering on the edge of the Connemara region, was the center of a very early monastic settlement, and here we have some of my group inside this ancient church.
Cong was also the main center for the movie "The Quiet Man".
John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara were the main actors in that movie, and these statues here, were erected to commemorate this famous couple. The statues are on the left, i think. The other couple are GiGi and Zack.
The Corrib is the largest lake in  the Rep of Ireland, and is located between counties Galway and Mayo. It is said, that there are 365 islands on the Corrib. A great lake for salmon and trout.
What wonderful weather we have in Ireland, so much sunshine that you have to wear your sunglasses indoors. Here we have Sheryl and Elva, enjoying a little off duty fun in the west of Ireland.
                       What a lovely picture of this very lovely young couple, GiGi and Zack.
    From the left here, we have, Kyle, Elva, GiGi, Zack, Greg and Noah. Anybody seen Sheryl?.
                            Yes they have.  They found her in the pub with Greg, GiGi and Zack.
                                     If you want a figure like mine..........send me a message.
                                    Kyle looks happy indeed with his little drop of whatever.
    Who's a happy girl? This lady is in party mood, and Ireland is a great place to party.