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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Irish vacation begins for the Vaillancourt family

 My latest tour began in the early hours this morning at Shannon airport, when the Vaillancourt family arrived on their flight from Boston in the USA. Here they all are, pictured happily together outside the airport. From the left we have, Traci, Bill, Deborah, Allison, and Brian, Allison's boyfriend.After leaving Shannon, we made our way to the city of Galway and to the Harbour Hotel, right in the center of the town. Many of you who have traveled with me, will remember this lovely hotel, and appreciate its great location, right in the heart of this historic city. We were greeted by Dan and Ava at reception, who kindly made sure that rooms would be available for my tired guests within a very short period of time. Thank you Dan and Ava, and i know that my guests very much appreciated your warm Irish welcome.
Before retiring however, they relaxed in the dining room, where they enjoyed a snack,before heading off for a much needed rest.
This was my first get together with this lovely friendly family, and i look forward to the rest of our tour together. I will be taking them through much of our wonderful west and south west of Ireland. This is where i was born and reared, and which, for me,is the most beautiful, and natural part of our lovely country. It was in these regions that our tragic famine wreaked its most severe and cruel punishment, and from where vast numbers of our population fled to many countries worldwide, but mainly to the USA.Those who stayed behind in these areas, and fought to survive, are the heart and soul of Ireland, and their friendliness, and warm welcome, surprises and delights so many of our visitors.
Come along with us as we make our way through this area, much of which is now known as the Wild Atlantic way.
Cead mile failte, a hundred thousand welcomes.


Monday, May 21, 2018

Touring Ireland with Dovechauffeurdrive and Dave Hogan

Apologies for the absence of my Blogging, as i was on tour, and my laptop let me down, and i could not download my pictures. My tour with Debra Bisek and her family has now finished, and i am going to include a number of pictures on this Blog from the areas we visited since i Blogged last.
This was a really lovely tour with really wonderful people, and i know that they appreciated our time together. I miss them already.
Ross Castle is a restored Norman tower castle on the shores of Lough Laune in Killarney and is another must to see while in Killarney. Here we are, all eight of us with the castle in the background.
The Celtic steps show at the racecourse in Killarney, is a very special Irish show featuring wonderful Irish dancing, the best of traditional musicians, accordion player, Uileann pipes,  the Bodhran hand held drum, banjo and guitar player, keyboard player and a lovely traditional Irish singer. This you have to see.
In the picture above we have, from the left, a male and a female dancer, then Chris and Debra, then the wonderful accordion player Sharon Langston, all pictured together after the show.
The town of Waterville on the Ring of Kerry, was a favourite holiday destination for Charlie Chaplin and here we have my pals, all lined up with Charlie, on the seafront at Waterville.
Chris, preparing to take another picture of the offshore islands in the Atlantic from Cumakiska, on the hillside above Waterville.
The famous Daniel O'Connell, known as the Liberator, lived in this house in Derrynane on the Ring back in the mid eighteen hundreds. Daniel was one of our really great patriots, and was responsible for bringing about many significant concessions for the Irish Catholics.
Ron and Mary, pictured together on the Ring of Kerry at the famous Ladies View.
Ron and Mary at the lovely Torc Waterfall just outside Killarney.
Tim and Debra, pictured together at the same spot.
The famous Muckross in Killarney where Queen Victoria stayed during her brief visit to Killarney during the eighteen hundreds.
The Dingle peninsula is one of my own special places, and a visit to the ancient beehive huts there is a must. At my favourite spot you can get to hold a baby lamb. Here we have Theresa, in the middle, holding her lamb, while Cathy, on the left, and Chris on the right hold these two gorgeous baby border collies.
Chris with her adorable collie. I'm Jealous.
One of our nights in the lovely Indian restaurant in the center of Killarney. The two kids in the picture, Aroosh and Isheal, are the offspring s of the owners. This is a great place if you like Indian, Thai or Chinese food. The owners, Imran and his wife Faiza, are lovely people and personal friends of mine. It will not do you any harm if you mention my name there.
The views as you make you way around the Dingle peninsula are really beautiful. and here we have Debra, pictured with the rugged Atlantic coastline in the background.
The historic Gallarus chapel is reputed to be one of the oldest and smallest churches in Christian Ireland. well worth a visit if you visit the Dingle peninsula. In this picture, from the left, we have, Yours truly, Mary, Debra and Ron.
This lovely beach on the Dingle peninsula at Inch, featured in that great Irish movie Ryan's daughter. Here we have, on the left, Debra, and Theresa.
The lovely and very famous Blarney Castle is a most popular place for many to visit, and here we have my pals in the grounds of the castle with the castle in the background.
Annie Moore and her two small brothers were the first people to register on Ellis Island back in eighteen ninety two, and in this picture we have, from the left, Theresa, Debra, Chris, Cathy and Tim.
A visit to the world renowned Jameson Distillery in Midleton in County Cork, is a very special visit indeed, and it was a must for our party. Here they are once again, all set for their visit. From the left we have, Cathy, Chris, Debra, Theresa, and Tim.
You do get a chance to sample various whiskeys on the tour, followed by a nice special after your tour in the bar. They do look happy.
All together in the sun, with Kinsale harbour down below in the background.
Another beautiful picture of Debra, Tim , and Theresa, with the harbour and town of Kinsale in the background. Our weather all through this trip was really lovely.

  Just had to add this picture of two desserts, mine (nearest) and Tim's, with the strawberries, in the background. Chris looks like she is ready to pounce. They were delicious.
After the event, they did not last long.

This tour has now ended, sadly i must add, and my new friends are now safely at home once again, and i know that they had a lovely time.
Thanks for choosing me. You will always be more than welcome, if you choose to come back again someday.
Take care, and stay well.