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Monday, June 10, 2019

McKee's at the Kileen course in Killarney.

This morning the sun was shining again, and what a nice surprise after the showery day yesterday, as the program today was for golf at the championship Killeen golf course down by the beautiful lakes of Killarney.
What a fabulous setting for a golf course, just another one of the many wonderful golf courses that we are blessed to have here in Ireland. It truly is a paradise for the golfing fraternity.
From the left here we have, Jeff, Jimmy, Ann, and Gordon. The early morning fog made for a very special picture here.
Ann and Gordon are in Ireland on this family adventure together with their two sons, but also to celebrate a very special wedding anniversary on the 11th of June. Congratulations to you both, and it is a pleasure for me to be helping you to enjoy Irelandon your big day.
Another great photo of these two fine young men, Jimmy on the left and Jeff on the right.
Another beautiful view of the Killarney mountains and the lovely Lough Laune, through the trees.

McKee's at Ladies and MUckross House and the Ross Golf Club in Killarney.

This morning, our weather was a mixed bag of sunshine and showers, but we were off on the Ring of Kerry, to visit the famous Ladies View, and Muckross House.
Ladies View is one of the most famous views on the Ring of Kerry route. It was called that, after being declared by Queen Victoria, to be,"The most beautiful view in the Kingdom". Judge for yourself, as my pals sit on the mountainside, with Ladies View in the background. From the left we have,Jimmy, Jeff, Gordon and Ann.
A different view facing back towards the west ,to the roadway that leads back up the mountain to the Gap of Dunloe. Here we have, from the left, Jeff, and Jimmy, who appears to be in hiding.

All together, posing in front of the famous Muckross House, where the Queen stayed during her brief stay in Killarney,
A lovely picture of the family, on the lawn at Muckross House, with the mountains, the lawns, and the lakes of Killarney in the background. From the left, Jeff, Jimmy, Ann and Gordon.
A view of the rear of the mansion, showing the ground floor area, which was the Queens quarters during her stay at Muckross. The window just above Jeff's head was where they installed a fire escape for the Queen, as she had a dread of being burned alive, after being in a fire as a kid. Jeff is on the left.
A big old tree in the gardens at Muckross, one of many unusual trees on this estate.
After enjoying their visit to Muckross House and the gardens, we were off to the Ross Golf course, which is located on the grounds of the Killarney Race Course. Here they are, all set to go again. This family could survive on golf alone, and what better place than Ireland for that. From the left here we have, Jimmy, Ann, Gordon and Jeff. It started to rain as soon as they set off, but these are a hardy lot, obviously, it is Irish in them.I half expected a call from them at any time as the rain was pretty heavy, but there was no call. No fair weather golfers in this group.
This is only a nine hole course in an area where there are an abundance of golf courses, but it is in a beautiful setting and ideal for an  "at short notice" game of golf,
Later they are all set for a meal together again in the town of Killarney, and maybe a beer or two to wrap up another day.