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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Wurms tour of Wild Atlantic Way on our Western seaboard.

The Blarney castle was another must on our Atlantic Way journey, and a must for my pals, who just had to kiss that famous Blarney Stone.. Despite the fact that there were many others lining up to kiss the stone, Rita and Scott were determined to get the job done, and that they accomplished. This nice picture shows the happy pair with the famous castle in the background.

Later in the day we were off to a wonderful Irish Show, The Celtic Steps dance and traditional Irish music show at the Killarney racecourse. 
Some of the wonderful dancers on stage during the performance. If you do get to Killarney then make sure that you get to see this show.
 You are going to be entertained by world champion dancers, and the musicians are also top class.
 Scott just had to have his photo taken with these two lovely Irish colleens.
Sean Murphy is the producer and director of this show, and Sean (?) , the main Irish dancer in the show,  who is a seven times world champion, and of course the lovely Rita herself, who just had to have her picture taken as a souvenir of her night of Irish music and dance in Killarney.

What a memorable tour this was for me, and i hope for Rita and Scott also.

I am now at the end of what was for me, the busiest year ever in this chauffeurdrive business, and i want to sincerely thank all of the wonderful people who came my way during this past season. I would also sincerely like to thank all of your who sent so many of your friends my way. What would i do without you all. Rest assured that i will always do my best to look after those people you send to me, but most of all i would love to see you yourselves coming back to me once again.

Despite all of the nonsense that has been going on over Brexit, and the uncertainty this has created, rest assured that Ireland is alive and well and looking forward to a bright future with our doors wide open for all our Irish American, and American visitors, and indeed to new friends from all over the world, who i know will continue to come our way. We have survived many years of oppression from invaders, hardship from both outside and internally, famine and emigration, and we will continue to survive, and will be here to welcome strangers from all over the world.
Make sure to contact me if we need information or advice. I will do what i can for you.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Wurms to Killarney with Dovechauffeurdrive and Dave Hogan

This morning we left Kinvara as we began another leg of our Wild Western Way and set out for the town of Killarney in County Kerry. Our first stop off was the beautiful town of Adare,often voted Ireland's most lovely small town.Here we have Rita and Scott pictured together outside the magnificent Trinitarian Abbey in Adare.
 The main street in Adare.
High in the Kerry mountains at Mols Gap.
 Together here at Ladies View, with the lakes of Killarney in the background. When Queen Victoria stood here in the mid eighteen hundreds with her handmaidens, she proclaimed this view to be the most beautiful in her kingdom.
 Everything looks well here at Ladies View, even me.
 Then it was a visit to the ever popular Torc Waterfall, with a local musician entertaining the tourists.
 Pictured together at Torc Waterfall. This is a nice place to take a stroll through the local area, if you like your walks.
Are these two Leprechauns hiding in the trees. Noooo silly, it's only Scott and Rita.
Our third day together ended with a visit to the famous Muckross House and gardens, where Queen Victoria stayed during her brief visit to Killarney, which ended abruptly when her husband Albert suddenly fell ill, and they had to depart rapidly for England, an illness from which he never recovered.