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Monday, October 25, 2021

My happy travelers on the Salmon weir bridge in Galway.


Together at the famous Moran's of the Weir restaurant in Clarinbridge, outside Galway city. This is the place for your oysters and your seafood feast when you get to Ireland.

Getting back to normal.   

That is what we are at trying to do in Ireland right now as everything begins to open up once again. Our vaccination rate is the envy of many countries as our population has responded to the health authorities directives in general, eventhough we do have a certain amount of people who have resisted, just as was expected. Now with this general opening up of everything, it is going to become very clear who those people are who have become infected. Then i believe that we will have a rise in those seeking vaccination. I believe that mask wearing will continue for many, as will social distancing and many people will continue to be cautious with regard to places they wish to dine, and look for entertainment. This is going to end up just like the flu situation that we have had to endure now for years, we will have to accept that a certain amount of people are going to die every year from not only the flu, but now also from covid. We have become used to losing large numbers of our population from heart problems, from cancer, from the flu and many other diseases and illnesses, and now you can add on covid. The problems that we already have that have a need for vaccination, whether by a single dose or by an annual jab will now include your covid one. I know what my choice has been, and will be in future to be.
We are now all looking at what things may be like next year, and people are already enthusiastic and optimistic that we will be ready for our tourism to be back in action, and i personally am ready, and already taking bookings for the coming year.
I have already warned people that my advice to anybody planning to come to Ireland is to start planning , try to get your dates set, and begin to finalise your vacation. If you do set your dates, and make your booking with me, i am always as flexible as possible, if you have to make changes due to whatever circumstances. I have people coming to me in 2022 who have had this vacation booked since 2020 and 2021. They paid
their deposit back then, and it has been held since, and is still valid. What more can you ask for than that.
Just make a decision to begin your planning, and i will do all that i can to make sure that you have that wonderful holiday in Ireland that you have been looking forward to for so long.
Trust me, we can make this happen together.

Ballinanhinch river in the heart of Connemara, the land known as God's country by many.

E-mail me at dovechauffeurdrive@gmail .com or call me. 
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Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

Yours in friendship
Dave Hogan

Monday, October 11, 2021


The famous Blarney Castle, one of the most popular attractions for visitors.


  A new begining.

Life is, and should always be, a series of new beginnings, and i believe we are now entering just that in our emergence from this horrible period of the pandemic. We have a very high level of vaccination, and are now in the process of booster vaccinations. We still have not freed ourselves from a certain amount of new daily infections but these are clearly among the non vaccinated, or those with underlying conditions. Our country is opening up to tourism once again and the vast majority of our facilities are fully open, our restaurants, our pubs, and entertainment is

once again available in many places. Sporting events are now open to reasonably large numbers, and life is returning to near normal.

All of this is great news to visitors from abroad, and for those like myself who are in the touring business. In other words. i am ready to talk to one and all again about their plans for an Irish adventure. It will be great to be back on the road with you again, so just contact me and i will take it from
The level of enquiries, mainly for 2022. as on the increase and i have bookings already for as early as April 2022.

My main months would be Sprintime to late Autumn, so do not linger too long as i believe 2022 is set to become a very busy period. Just send me a message, preferably with a phone number, and i will take it from there.

Looking forward to talking to you soon.