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Monday, July 20, 2020

Back on the air and into action again.

There are many of my friends out there who may have been wondering where i had disappeared to, and if i was even still in one piece and alive and well. The good news is that i am fine, and i was just allowing things to settle down before i began to Blog again. Sorry if i caused any concern to anybody, and i hope that all of you, my friends, are ok also.
Own whole world has been turned inside out, and upside down,, as a result of this horrible Covid 19, and everything has become a totally new learning process of how to protect ourselves while trying to maintain some sort of normality in our lives. I have no doubt that many of you know exactly what i am talking about. My own situation is, at the moment, as follows.
A touring year, which looked so promising have been put on hold completely. Thank God that those friends, and some new friends to be, have been only too pleased to be able to defer their vacation with me to next year. Yes, that is the plan, and a plan that i fully support. I will be keeping everybody fully updated on things here, so that we all know exactly where we stand, and when the time is right, we can move forward with final arrangements, like booking flights,hotels etc for the rearranged tours. My main concern is for the health and well being of all my future clients, while alsolooking after my own health and the health of my family. Secondary to these main  issues, the quality of my tours is vitally important to me, and i am sure to those clients who will be relying on me to provide for them, the vacation of their dreams, in safety, which has been cruelly put on hold this year.
We will do it together, we will plan it together, we will make sure that we follow all of the top medical directives, and enjoy tours together, where we can be free from worries, and return to our
normal lives in good health, full of gratitude for having enjoyed together the trip of a lifetime.
Lets just be patient, and wait together for the right time to come, and it will. I am open to talk to prospective clients and plan vacations with them, and take bookings for next year so that they can look forward with a certain amount of certainty to their future Irish vacation. If alterations need to be made at a later date, then we can do that, but it may be a very good idea to remember that next year, if things get back to normal, there may be difficulty getting your booking here if there is a rush on Irish vacations.
In the meantime, if you need me, just write to me by email,
Stay safe, and stay well.
Love you all
( Ireland is still as beautiful as ever.)

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Message from Dave Hogan to all of my friends in the USA.

It has been some time since i posted on my Blog, and i believe that there may be friends out there in
the USA, and elsewhere,who may be concerned as to where i have disappeared to in the last while. Firstly, let me apologise, as i am fine, as are all of my family, and indeed my close friends, and all is well here, when it comes to the important things in life, but like everybody elsewhere right now, we are in the middle of a horrible pandemic. Thank God, our government have done a really great job in dealing with this virus, and containing it from the begining, and we are now begining to see the fruits of our labour slowly materialising. It is coming under control, thanks to the wonderful cooperation of the public, but it is far from over yet. Everything is closed down here, and will remaining that way until our medical experts give us the go ahead to begin to relax things.
I am so disappointed for all of those people who had booked tours with me for the coming season, some of them who should be here right now, but virtually all of them have re-schedueled for later dates, some already for next year. This is the most sensible line to follow, and i will continue to help in any way that i can, but the safety of my clients is of the utmost importance to me, and i am sure to all those people concerned. You will have your vacation, and at a time where you will be able to relax and enjoy an Ireland, free form the grip of this horrific virus. In the meantime, stay safe, and stay well. I look forward so much to bringing you on the vacation of a lifetime when we do get together. Thank you all sincerely for your magnificent cooperation in helping me to put together our new arrangements. Those of you who have not finalised things yet, do not worry, we will look after you and make sure you too get that vacation you want to have in Ireland with me.
A reminder of the past, this ruined house at Slea Head on the Dingle peninsula, and directly below, a sheep, grazing on the cliff edge over Clew Bay on Achill Island, off the coast of County Mayo.
A seagull, resting on the wall at Slea Head, enjoying the glorious sunshine, and the clean fresh Atlantic air. He has no need to worry.
At the same spot, with the famous Blasket Islands in the background, a happy group of my pals, on their Dave Hogan tour. Do you guys  remember this?

The main reason i am posting pictures featuring the coastline and the Islands, is that in previous times, these places escaped diseases and famine, due to the fact that the people on these islands were isolated and safe. The mainland did suffer, and we paid a heavy price for that,as we did during the horrific famine in the mid eighteen hundreds. Many of my USA friends, are descended from Irish men and women who fled the country during that time.

I am aware of the amount of suffering everybody has to endure now, the worry itself is hard to handle, especially for those people who have underlying health problems, but we can all pray for each other, and please God this will pass off in the not too distant future. We should especially pray for those among us who have lost family members, and friends, and who are grieving badly at this time.
You are all in my prayers.
If you do need me for anything, or just want to say hello, i would love to hear from you.
Your friend in Ireland, always.
God bless you all.