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Monday, February 15, 2021

The locals on the road at Slea Head on the Dingle peninsula. 
"We were here before you mister, so please drive with care."

The monument to the world's most famous Dolphin, Fungi, The Dingle dolphin,
who has recently gone missing, for some unknown reason from his home in Dingle Bay and harbour. This has come as a terrible shock to so many Fungi lovers from all parts of the world, especially the local population of the Dingle area, and indeed throughout Ireland. He inhabited Dingle Bay and harbour for over thirty years, where he entertained hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists, with his antics, as he chased the boats and canoes and swimmers up and down the harbour. He is missing now for a number of weeks, and hope is fading fast as each search comes to a fruitless end day after day. To say people are broken hearted is not coming close to how much of a tragedy this is. This is a huge blow to tourism in this area, but the real tragedy is the heartache it has created in not only so many children, but in so many adults also. I myself have brought thousands of my clients out on the pleasure boats to partake in the wonderful gallop up and down the bay in an effort to race this magnificent dolphin as he cavorted and demonstrated his amazing leaping and bounding skills with childlike joy.
It is hard to accept that he may be gone, and that we may never enjoy this beautiful creature again, but it is begining to look like that. He was aging, and he could not possible have lived much longer, and maybe he had indeed come to the end of what ever his life span was to be. If that is so, i can only say,
"Thank you Fungi for all the unbelievable joy you brought to so many people over the years. You were heaven sent, and if Dolphins do go to heaven, maybe that is where we will see you again. As they say in Ireland, GOD SPEED, you will never be forgotten here.

On that sad note i will finish up today. Hard to believe that on this day last year, i was waiting for new clients to arrive for their vacation here in Ireland. They were to be my first tour of 2020, and my only tour for that year. Who would have believed it. It turned out to be a lovely tour, with four wonderful people, and that alone gives it a special spot in my memories of 2020. Thank you Lance and party.

What is ahead for 2021? Who knows, but i will be keeping my chin up, and thinking positively, as we battle with this pandemic. We will get on top of it, it is just a matter of time. I am open to enquiries, and indeed to accepting bookings, so if you wish to seek more information, just e-mail me, or call me. We are looking further into the year when hopefully people will have the safety of having been vaccinated ,and the real Ireland opening for all to see once again.

Would love to hear from you.

Stay safe and stay well.


Saturday, February 13, 2021


My favourite bedspread, thank you ladies.

Yes, this is a picture of my beautiful, and very special quilt, which was made, and sent to me, by my lovely group of ladies from the USA, after they had toured with me in 2017 What a wonderful gift, and how thoughtful of them to do this for me. I hope that they know that i had enjoyed my tour with them just as much as they enjoyed touring with me. Thank you, Renee, Caryn, Mary, Rita, Donna, Caroline, Jodi and Judy. Your quilt, and the memories you have left for me to enjoy, are happy and fresh and warm in my mind, and in my bed.😄😄😄 I hope that you are all well and happy, and staying safe during this very dangerous  period. I am determined to remain in this business because of people like you. What a wonderful example of what true Americans are really like, despite a lot of bad publicity in recent times. I have toured with so many people from the USA over the years, and have made so many new and wonderful friends over there, so i know that all will be well in the long term. There is good in all of us, and that is what we have to look for. United we stand, divided we fall. I love you all.

My prayers are with you all, and i have no doubt that good will always prevail. They say that the family who pray together, stay together. Maybe that applies to the nation that pray together, stay together also, no matter who they pray to. Having met you, and experienced how wonderful you are, keeps me going. That is the main reason  i  want to carry on with my chauffeurdrive business, and why i find it so hard to be inactive in recent times. Patience is now the key, and please God we will all be back in action in the not too distant future. I remain here for you, one and all, and how lovely it would be to be able to see you in the not too distant future. God is good.

We are in lockdown still here, and will be for another few weeks, but we are begining to make progress as the death rate, and the newly infected daily figures, are reducing.  Making it safe for ourselves, and therefore for our future visitors, is paramount, and how wonderful it will be to welcome our true friends from across the sea, back to our shores once again. The land of saints and scholars awaits your arrival.

God bless you all.

If you have any message for me, just leave me a message, or e-mail me. I would love to hear from you. 😊😉😉😉( i need something to do.

Take care

Your friend in Ireland