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Friday, January 6, 2012

Irish chauffeurdrive vacations 2012

Karen holding a baby fawn in her arms on the Ring of Kerry.

This photo was taken on a bright and sunny Summer's day and shows Karen lovingly holding a baby deer. The man in the background is there quiet often with an assortment of baby animals for people to have their photos taken with. You can see a little dog and a lamb in the background also and there are usually has a couple of kittens there also.

Well i can assure you that he is not there at the moment as it has been cold and wet and wild and you would freeze up there in the mountains right now. I rarely tour at this time of the year unless i get an "out of the blue" request, and i am in no hurry to do so either as it is not the weather for that.

I am sure that everybody has recovered from their New Year celebrations by now and it is nice to think that the days are slowly but surely getting longer, and hopefully warmer. I love the Springtime, and that is just around the corner. This is the time of the year when i spend most of my time dealing with enquiries and drawing up plans for prospective customers. It looks like being a busy year judging by the level of enquiries so i would advise anybody who may be interested in at least pursuing an enquiry to think about doing it now while there is still time and availability. I hate saying no to anybody, but sometimes that is all that i can say.
The good news for anybody travelling from the USA is that the dollar is much stronger this year than it was at this time last year. Prices in Ireland are also more attractive and there is great value to be had in Irish holidays right now. I certainly will do all that i can to work out attractive deals for anybody interested in coming to tour with me. I find that many people are actually surprised at the good value on offer from my service.
It costs nothing to check this out.....just let me know what you have in mind.

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