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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The old Star-shaped fort guarding the entrance to Kinsale harbour. There was also another fort on the opposite side which made a forced entry quiet impossible.

Our weather has been extremely mild and the signs of Spring are already here with daffodils appearing in many areas.

I am a great defender of our Irish weather, and with very good reason. We never get the extremes that many people have to endure and, when we do get nice weather, there is nowhere i would rather be. We do get our fair share of rain but that is what keeps our countryside green and rich in its magnificent array of wild flowers and shrubbery. I think that a stroll in the light rain can be lovely we get a lot more showers than actual prolonged spells of rain.

When you are touring with your very own driver you also have that privilege of being able to stop where you like, when you like, and if it does happen to be raining you can pick and choose the times and places you stop at. This also allows you to make your stops between showers and also to make daily changes when maybe you would need a dry day to visit somewhere like the Aran islands or the Gap of Dunloe Then instead you would take a route where the rain would not be a problem.
Chauffeurdrive does give you huge advantages, and at an affordable rate. The strong dollar right now has also made our rates even more attractive so now is the time to make your enquiry.

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