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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Irish vacation with your own private driver/chauffeur drive

From the left: Jayci, Erin, Lauren, Sue, Christian, John, Donna, and Bill.

My special friends, the Adams family, who just finished a wonderful tour with me last weekend. I am publishing, with their full permission, their lovely letter which they sent to me today. I am flattered, and indeed feel very proud, to have had the privilege of enabling them to have had such an enjoyable time in this wonderful country of ours. Touring with this family was like a holiday for me also. I miss them.
This is their letter;

Hi David,
On behalf of all eight of us, THANK YOU THE MOST for single handedly making our first visit to Ireland the most amazing and memorable experience we could have ever imagined. From my first contact with you until our last goodbye at the end of our trip, I can honestly say that you delivered every promise you made, and then some!
We are all big fans, and you may certainly rely on me as a reference, should you ever need one.
After leaving you in Dublin (grateful for the ride back), my family spent some time talking about the highlights and lowlights of our six days with you. Needless to say, there were no lowlights, however, we felt we became such good friends with you that we all agreed it would've been nice to meet your wife Sue (glad we could keep you entertained you while she was away).
We are very grateful for the time you took to prepare a perfect itinerary for us, and for keeping us all safe and enlightened. We all agreed that the passion you have for showing your guests your country, and your knowledge of the areas and the history are what made this trip so special for us. We saw such beautiful landscapes and learned so much about Ireland's western coast that we could never have discovered on our own. Not to mention the "screen saver" quality pictures we now have!
When we first started planning our visit, we had compared the pros and cons of riding the tour bus, driving ourselves, and hiring a private guide. Choosing you was the best decision we made. We quickly confirmed that driving the narrow, winding roads oursleves would have been a big mistake, and your choices of things to see, places to stay, and restaurants to eat in were perfect. We saw more than the people on the bus tour would've seen, we learned so much from our personal interaction, and we cleary benefited from the flexibility you gave us. You became our good friend in short time, and who is luckier than us to have heard your songs and poems as an added bonus? If the people on the bus tour only knew...
David, your hospitality rates a solid 10 of 10, and if we should find ourselves planning another visit to Ireland, we will meet again. Best to you and Sue, and thank you so much for everything.
Slainte mhaith!
-Bill, Sue, John, Donna, Erin, Jaci, Lauren, and Christian.


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