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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chauffeurdriven tour with my Florida friends

My latest party pictured outside the Huntsman Bar and Restaurant in Galway after arriving today. 
(from left to right: Al Froehlich with his wife Terry, Marianne and Ed Soistman).They do look like a happy bunch, but then they had just enjoyed a really nice lunch. Nice to see also that the sun was shining. They really do look well considering that they had travelled from Florida and then taken a bus from Dublin to Galway to meet up with me. If you are flying into Dublin and your destination is the West of Ireland then the direct non-stop bus from the airport to Galway is the way to go. It will get you there faster than a car as the bus can use the bus lanes to get out of Dublin avoiding all of the traffic and then you are on the motorway all the way to Galway. The other great  thing about it is that it only costs approx Euro 15-00 per person. The companies to book with are either Go Bus or Citylink and you can book online.

After dining in Galway we were on our way to County Roscommon to the townland where the ladies family emigrated from many years ago. This photo was taken as we passed through the town of Roscommon. The old family home is still there and still inhabited but by a different family now. 

This is the driveway into the old family home which is quiet a distance from the road. The old house is located in the trees and is not visible from the road.

Al and Terry, Marianne and Ed, standing at the front door of the girls ancestral home. This is where their grandmother lived and the home of the McDermot family. The ladies Mom came back when she was very young and lived here also for about a year. It was an emotional return for the ladies but i know that they loved every minute of their visit here, and the occupants of the house, Patrick Kenny Snr and his son Patrick Jnr were most welcoming 

This side view of the house gives a better idea of the size of the home. It was a landlords home, the family being the Hagues. They left at some stage and the house was purchased by the Mc Dermot family, the ladies ancestral family.  

In the kitchen in the old house with Patrick Kenny Snr.

A long range picture of the house set back in the trees as we continued on our way.

Sean O'Donohue is a personal friend of mine and what better place to stop off for your first introduction to a good old Irish pub.

I am a Jack of all trades, as you can see here, as we made ourselves comfortable in O'Donohues pub in Abbeyknockmoy.

                            Now Al had to get in on the act

                                               and Ed

and Terry. Well it did not take them long to settle in. They are Irish after all.
 Our first day was really nice and tomorrow we go to Knock and the Holy Shrine where Our Lady appeared back in the eighteen hundreds. 

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