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Friday, August 31, 2012

Touring Ireland with personal Chauffeur/guide

They are here....Cam and Susan have arrived safe and well. Don't they look well after travelling all the way from Tennessee. I took this photo early this morning at Shannon airport when everybody in Tennessee was still fast asleep.

It did not take them long to get into you can see the policeman scrutinizing their papers. I had to intervene but when he knew who i was he let them go with a warning.

The ladies first taste of the fresh Atlantic air at Lahinch beach near the Cliffs of Moher. Unusual for Ireland, we had a little rain.

Thats need for headgear as the rain eased off. Here we are at the Cliffs with O'Briens Tower in the background.

Is that a little mist i see approaching? Here we have Susan and Cam with the mighty Cliffs of Moher in the background. Joking aside....we were lucky today as it remained relatively clear while we were at the Cliffs. My last party, who were with me last week were not so lucky, as they were unable to go to the Cliffs due to the bad weather. My advice would always be...if it is a bad day, do not waste it by going to the Cliffs as you may not see anything. There are plenty of great alternatives.

St Brigid is the patroness of Ireland and here you see the ladies inside St Brigids cave at her holy well near the Cliffs. In the background you can see all of the little cards and odds and ends people leave hanging from the walls with a prayer for a loved one who may be sick or deceased. This is a lovely place to visit, and maybe say a silent prayer. 

Our next stop was the famous town of Lisdoonvarna. This town is famous for its match-makers. In the fall, the farmers would travel to Lisdoonvara to find a wife. Ladies looking for a husband would do likewise and the matchmakers would do the rest. You gave them your details and they found you a match....and in many cases they did a far better job than people did for themselves. Am i talking as though this were past tense? Well its still goes on today and every September people flock to Lisdoonvara just as desperate as ever to find the ideal partner. 

Anybody looking for a lovely wife? I am not a professional matchmaker but who knows....maybe you could give me a call and i will see what i can do for you. Above you can see a couple of fine prospects.

After i dragged them away from Lisdoonvarna, we made our way to the ancient Cistercian Abbey at Corcomroe. This abbey dates back to 1198.

Still in the best of form in front of the entrance to the old church.

Home at we have Susan feeding a carrot to my pony Taffy.

Susan, desperately trying to explain to Taffy that the customs confiscated most of her carrots and that he was lucky to get any at all. He simply did not believe a word of it.

 Pictured with my wife Sue, and Taffy, who looks like he is trying to get someones attention.

At this stage it was lunchtime, and  the ladies were begining to run out of steam, so we made our way into Kinvara, not far from my home, and to their lovely B&B, and their lovely landlady Maura Fallon.This was a really nice and happy begining to another tour with two lovely ladies who have been all excited about this trip since they booked with me back in February. We are going to have a great time together so feel free to come along and enjoy the trip.

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