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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chauffeurdriven Vacation specials for Ireland 2013

                         Irish Holidays/Vacation offers for 2013

The recession has had a negative affect in many ways here in Ireland but the good news is that it has had a positive affect for tourism as prices overall for visitors have dropped significantly in recent times and look set to stay that way for the coming year. Even with the increase in running costs in our chauffeur business we have to operate at lower profit margins than even as far back as six years ago. This is the time of the year that we begin to deal with enquiries for the coming year and eventhough we still have not got our definite costings from hotels and for fuel etc, the prices we quote now will stand and remain unchanged. We do require a deposit if we are to book definite dates but we do not ask for the balance until a month in advance of the tours. Some customers choose to pay the full amount if they feel that they are getting an acceptable currency exchange rate, but that is their own choice. Getting your holiday booked and secured is the most important thing.

One of my vehicles parked in Kinvara with Dun Guaire castle in the background. This is my Lexus but i have other vehicles for larger groups. 

Here you have another picture of my Lexus and my VW Caravelle. The Caravelle can take up to 8 passengers with luggage and both of these cars are very comfortable with all leather seating and air conditioning. I also have other vehicles at my disposal and other guides/drivers so the backup is always there if needed. All of my assistants are really genuine Irish people with great experience of their country and never let me down, and are extremely popular with all of the clients that they serve for me.

The Presidential election is just around the corner so i do not anticipate many tourists coming our way from the USA for the moment, but if you are one who may be coming and are in need of help, just let me know.

The terrible kittens, Diego and JJ (in the bush). It looks like Diego is about to flatten JJ but in actual fact JJ is the one who always comes out on top. These two were carried into my garage by their mother, who was a stray, and left there for us to find and look after. She did not abandon them, she just reappeared anytime we disappeared......she was a good Mom.