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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chauffeurdriven vacations in Ireland/own car and driver in Ireland

The old Dun Guaire castle, guarding the harbour in Kinvara      County Galway

Kinvara is my own little town and is situated on the southern shores of the famous Galway Bay. It is noted for its great old fashioned pubs with traditional music, and wonderful steak and seafood restaurants. If you like your oysters, or mussels and crab meat, or fresh fish, then you will not go wrong here. During the holiday season you can also enjoy a medieval banquet in the old castle.

I have been missing...i know....and have not blogged for a little while, but i have been busy otherwise. Your new President is now installed and we all wish you well on your journey onwards. No matter where you are in this world of ours right now, the road ahead looks grim for the next few years, and it is a time for all of us to pull together and to try to help one another all we can. In the Ireland of old, that was how we survived. People who had virtually nothing, shared what they did have with others, and helped in any way they could. If we think that we have it bad then we just have to look back at those times and thank the Lord that we have all that we have today. In those days neighbors were what neighbors should be, they shared their food, they shared the work load, and if they had nothing, they at least had people to comfort and console them. Today, do we even know who our neighbors are? Maybe it is something we can think about and maybe improve on in the New Year, which is not far off now. If you wish to comment on my Blog please feel free to do so. Feel free to comment anonymously if you prefer.

If you are planning on visiting Ireland in 2013 please contact me also. My prices are every bit as good as they were back in 2005, and that cannot be bad. It costs nothing to enquire.

                                  An Irish rainbow.