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Monday, February 25, 2013

Car and driver in Ireland/chauffeurdriven/guided vacations

Ireland of the Rainbows.....a common sight in the Emerald Isle.

For a rainbow to become visible. you must have the sun at your back, and light rain between you and the rainbow. We do get a lot of sunshine and showers here so this makes our climate really suitable for these rainbows. 

March really signals the arrival of our tourist season, and of course St Patricks day, which has a lot to do with that. It is a big day for the Irish everywhere, a day when everybody wants to be Irish, especially in the USA. We do have over forty million people of Irish descent in the USA so it is not surprising that they celebrate our special day with great pride there . Many of them have a great desire to experience this day in the land of their forefathers and they carry this dream through and arrive here in their thousands every year. They add wonderful colour to our parades as they bring their majorettes and bands from all over the USA, and proudly parade through the streets of all of our main cities. We ourselves put on our own show with our own bands, and most of the main businesses in every town parade their floats displaying their own form of advertising. The schools also play their part with the children and young adults marching under their own banners. 
This is a day when we happily celebrate our Irishness.

This mountain gorge, carved from the ice during the ice age long before St Patrick landed here, is a memorial to the rise of a nation in a land uninhabited by humans fourteen thousand years ago. We are a proud people, a gathering of many different tribes and nationalities, Celts and Picts, Vikings and Normans, and of course English and Welsh and Scots, who themselves were a mixture of more or less the same as ourselves. We did develop our own individuality, our own language and customs and traditions, our music and culture, and we embraced Christianity from our Patron Saint, St Patrick. St Patricks Day was mainly a religious festival in the past, a Holy Day of Obligation, but now, eventhough most Catholics do attend mass on this day, the emphasis is much more a celebration shared by all the people, our immigrants, our mixed denominations, creeds, and cultures, a day for all to celebrate. I think this is fitting as St Patrick was a man for all of the people. It was no accident that the Irish as a whole embraced this great man. There is no doubt that we still proudly hail him as our own special saint.

Needless to say i will be busy in March but if you need me or my help just message me.