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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Own driver in Ireland/Chauffeurdriven tours in Southern Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher on a misty day. The wonderful region of Connemara on the west coast, is in the clouds in the background, and Galway Bay lies in between.

A river connecting the lakes of Killarney, part of the journey you can undertake if you travel the Gap of Dunloe circuit on the horse drawn buggies, and finally the boats, down through the lakes and back into Killarney. I always recommend this tour, and many of my clients have found it to be a trip to remember. Just make sure that the day is nice as it does take a few hours to complete.

You may even see one of these golden eagles as you travel through the mountains of the Gap.

How could we ever enjoy beautiful heather and flowers and shrubs like these if we did not have our sunshine and rain. Springtime and early Summer are special times for colour, but we always have an abundance of flowers and flowering shrubs and heather. 

If you are coming to Ireland, or thinking about it, then let me help you. You can get all the touring magazines you can find, you can read all the articles by so called experts who maybe have been here on holiday or just came to survey the place in order to write an article, but you cannot beat the experience of someone who was born and reared here, who has a good education and knows Ireland's history, its politics, its religious history, its culture, its music, and who grew up and lived through the troubles, and who loves his country like i love mine. I take pride in showing Ireland to those who travel with me and i speak from experience. Do you really think that you can plan an Irish tour like i can? It may cost you a little more to have the comfort of having your own driver and guide, but you will not regret it at the end of the day. 
Drop me a line if you are interested. I would love to hear from you.