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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chauffeurdriven vacations in West and South west of Ireland

The mountain Gorge known as "The Gap of Dunloe".

Today my party were on their way to the famous Gap of Dunloe, a mountain gorge, carved out of the mountains by a huge glacier back in the ice age. This is a spectacular journey on the horse drawn buggies up though the mountain pass, known as the Gap, followed by a trip on open boats through a series of lakes ending up at Ross Castle back in Killarney. I would highly recommend this trip. If you are in Killarney you can book this tour through Dero's Tours, who are based in the main street, close to the AIB bank and across from the Plaza Hotel.

Another view of the gap. There are a series of glacial lakes as you journey up towards the Gap.

When booking your tour you will be provided with the full information on your tour which includes a journey on open boats down through the lakes of Killarney and back to Killarney at the wonderful Ross Castle. Above you can see a group embarking on their boat trip.

Above you see a bridge at a junction between two of the lakes. You will be passing under this bridge.

The boats have to navigate a number of lakes before entering the final lake at Ross Castle.

 The view from the boat as it approaches Ross Castle. What a great day they had today and they really enjoyed it all. Tonight they had their final celebration in Sheehan's Bar which is located beside the Killarney Plaza Hotel in the heart of the town. 

Back on dry land once again, and delighted with their adventure today.
A day in the Irish countryside does a lot for your appetite, and here we have Gary, Cathy, Jane and John, just about ready to tuck into their food in the Plaza Grill, earlier this evening. For your information, Gary had a homemade beefburger, Cathy had the fish dish, which was Hake, Jane had my own special favourite, the roasted lamb shank,  and John had a chicken fillet wrapped in grilled bacon. I, being the sensible man that i am, abstained, and tried to set an example. Aahhhh well, they are on holiday after all.

Of course as soon as they had their grub, they were off to Sheehan's pub next door for their session of traditional Irish music. This is a great pub for Irish music and in this picture you see the band which consisted of a pipe player, a fiddler, a banjo player and a guitar player. My friends are not in the picture as they forbade me from taking a picture of them drinking.

Later the Irish step dancing commenced, as you can see from the picture above. Once again i was forbidden from taking pictures as they felt that, after a few Jameson's, it would be unwise to be photographed. Well, i suppose that that makes sense.
Sad to say, my tour with the Michaliga and Andrew's families ends tomorrow when i take them back to Bunratty where they will be spending their final night before flying out from Shannon on Friday morning after what i hope has been a memorable time in Ireland.