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Saturday, May 25, 2013

My latest group, pictured outside their B&B in Kinvara today after we arrived back from our Connemara tour. 
From the left:  Gary and Catherine Michaliga, and Jane and John Andrew.

My new friends arrived yesterday at Shannon airport from Glasgow, as they had spent their first week in Scotland. They had enjoyed Scotland very much and were now ready for their new Irish adventure.
Our destination today was Kinvara, a quaint little harbour town on the southern shores of Galway Bay. The main event this evening was to be the Medieval Banquet in Dun Guaire Castle in Kinvara, and they had a really great time celebrating their arrival here with a lovely meal, while being entertained by poetry readings and some wonderful singing. The wine and Mead went down well also.

Our first stop off today was Ashford Castle in Cong, and here we have my group in the grounds of this magnificent castle, which is now a five star hotel and famous world wide.
From the left: Jane, Gary, Cathy and John seated in one of the lounges inside the castle.
This castle was owned by the Guinness family at one time in the past, and the coat of arms over the fireplace is actually their family crest.

Here we are again, pictured at the main entrance to this castle hotel.

Our weather today was disappointing, and here we have the group modeling the proper kind of rain-wear to bring with you when you come to Ireland.This photo was taken at the fjord at Leenane. This fjord was created by a huge glacier during the ice age and is quiet a spectacular sight.

Here we have Kylemore lake with the wonderful Kylemore Abbey in the background on the far shore. 

One of the most enjoyable things for visitors to Ireland is the sight of so many animals close to the roadside, and indeed even on the roads. Here we have this beautiful Connemara pony nibbling away at the sweet grass on the shores of the rugged Atlantic near the town of Clifden. Note the rocky land and the seaweed covered shoreline.

A Mommy donkey with her baby in the same area. 

Further along the road we came across the Mommy sheep with her baby lamb. The red marks on these sheep are not blood....they are a dye that the farmers use to help them to identify their own animals.

Finally, a different view of Ashford castle.

Despite the wet weather today, we had a fun day together. Connemara is also known as God's Country, and even on a day like today, it has a beauty all of its own. It is a land of rugged mountains, glacial lakes, and peat bogs. It is not farm land, but very poor quality land and the farmers here are mountain sheep farmers and the mountains are dotted right to the top with their many sheep. 
Tomorrow we are on our way to the Burren and the mighty Cliffs of Moher, and then on down the west coast and across the Shannon River on the ferry, and finally on to Killarney.
Maybe you will follow along. You are more than welcome.