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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Burgert Chauffeurdriven Tour of Ireland with Dave Hogan

James and Liz Burgert enjoying their first meal in the West of Ireland last evening, after we made our way to Kinvara in County Galway, and the Pier Head restaurant, where they really enjoyed a great meal. Liz had the baked cod and James had the Lobster. 

James and Liz, pictured on the hill, with the beautiful Ashford Castle and Lough Corrib in the background. I took this photo  as we began our tour in Connemara this morning.

Liz and James, at the main entrance to Ashford castle

One of the spectacular reception rooms inside the castle.

Relaxing in one of the residents bars, with this wonderful fireplace in the background. The Guinness family owned this castle at one time, and the crest above the fireplace, and the one on the chimney breast, is that of that family. The impressive man to the right is, of course, you know who.

James and Liz, pictured together in the lovely gardens in front of the fountain, with Lough Corrib in the background.
Liz adores all animals, and so we had to get a picture with the Connemara sheep.
This was such a beautiful scene, with the swan (barely visible in this picture) making her way towards us along this wonderful river, and with the Connemara mountains in the background.
We waited for her to draw near, and was it not worth it? What a beautiful picture.
Now we are getting places. Cattle are high on Liz's list of favourites, and here we have her pictured with some fine specimens of these Irish beasts.
This one was not shy in the least, and allowed us to get up close and friendly.
The piebald horse is very popular here in Ireland, especially with the travelling people. Liz wanted to bring this guy home but i think it just might be awkward this trip. Maybe i can get him shipped later.
Here you can see James trying to coax Liz away from her new pal. The horse looked like he was all for coming along with us.

This was a great start to our west of Ireland tour. and we are all looking forward to journeying into the Burren of County Clare, and the Cliffs of Moher, tomorrow, as we make our way south to our final destination tomorrow night, the magical town of Killarney.

You are welcome to come along with us.

If you want me, just e-mail me.