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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chauffeurdriven vacations in south west of Ireland with Dave Hogan

We started our day today with a visit to St Mary's Cathedral in Killarney and in the picture above you can see, from the left, Pat and Don, with Shirley and Gene to the right. I suppose that sometimes it is easier to talk to somebody else's husband than your own. That is what my wife tells me anyway. 
The monument was erected to the memory of the many famine victims who died and were buried in mass graves on the site here. The foundations had been laid prior to the famine but the work was brought to a halt. As it was sacred ground, the sick and dying camped here and were subsequently buried here when they finally passed away.

Shirley, at the main entrance to this magnificent church.

Our destination today was the Dingle Peninsula, and what a wonderful day we had in glorious sunshine. Never believe anybody who tells you that it always rains in Ireland. I have to admit that we Irish are the worst moaners of all when we talk about our weather. Maybe you will believe what i am saying when you see our photos from today.

Shirley and Pat on this wonderful beach at Inch. Don't they look well without the guys?

Do they look happy? They actually look like they are getting ready to charge, are they? Note the left foot forward.

Now the ladies are really getting some distance between them and the guys.

Is that that same guy again? Looks like he is trying to disguise himself with that funny beanie hat.

Here we have Don on a hillside near Dingle town still trying to locate the girls. Don't worry about Don though, just have a look at that gorgeous scenery, and enjoy

Gene had been missing for a while and i took this photo while i was looking for him in this beautiful area.

How about that for sunshine, my old sunshine.

Dingle is famous for its ancient Beehive huts. This particular area at Maura Houlihan's house near Slea Head has these special ones. Maura is a very special lady and her large two story house on the right hand side of the road just before Slea Head is actually over five hundred years old. You should pay her a visit, and be happy to give her the two euros that she charges to view her beehives.

Its that funny guy again,. They must have been hiding inside the beehive hut. No sign of the guys right now.

Well Don is back, but does he look happy? Not really. Still no sign of Gene though.

I found it a little strange when i heard Don asking this donkey if he had seen Gene. Well he was talking to horses yesterday, so maybe he has a special talent. He told me that the donkey had told him that he not seen Gene either.

Well i couldn't believe it when we got back to Dingle town and i spotted Gene there outside Harrington's Fish and Chip restaurant. He told me that he had not been looking for the girls. He was looking for his roots. His ancestors were the Harringtons, and he had found them, right here in the middle of Dingle town. To top it all off, they invited us all in for a big feed, and true to family tradition, they told us that they would not charge us any more than anybody else. Now how is that for generosity. You cannot beat the Harringtons.

All back together again, one big happy family. Here we have them all united once more as they play with Fungi, the renowned Dingle Dolphin. Google this guy and learn all about the mammal who really put Dingle on the map.

Well, what a great day we had today as we toured this, my own favourite, peninsula. It was sunshine and laughter all the way once again with my happy group. We had a wonderful meal of the freshest of fish, exquisite calamari, and home-made burgers and scampi, right there in Gene's cousins place, the famous Harringtons of Dingle town. Make sure you go in there and ask for Gene's cousin Eileen, and tell her that Gene sent you. You can then be assured that you will also get the same price as everybody else. Like us, you will be a winner.

More adventures tomorrow. Now i am going to bed.