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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Killarney, Ladies View, Muckross House, with Chauffeurdriven vacation, Dave Hogan

This morning we left Kenmare behind after a really nice stay-over and began our journey to Killarney, via Moll's Gap, and the wonderful Killarney National Park. The day turned out to be really nice, despite a not-too-good forecast. In this early morning picture, we have Jeff and Terry as we made our way up the mountain road to Moll's Gap.

We just had to stop when we saw these two donkeys in a field by the roadside, and here we have, from the left, Terry, you know me of course.... everybody does, Sue and Mike.

I love this one with these three asses enjoying the morning air and the glorious sunshine.

I took this photo from Moll's Gap at the top of the mountains, and in the distance you can see the magical Gap of Dunloe. This is the Gap that my friends will be travelling through tomorrow in the horse drawn buggies as they travel on the famous "Gap of Dunloe" tour. The journey begins at Kate Kearney's cottage at the entrance to the Gap, where they board the buggies, and then continues in the open boats down through the Lakes of Killarney and back to Ross castle in Killarney itself. This tour is just like no other, and well worth the price. You can check it out at Dero's Tours in the centre of Killarney.

Terry, posing at Moll's Gap. Just look at that road matter which way you go you just cannot go wrong.

Still at Moll's Gap, with Sue and Mike on the left, Terry in the middle of the road as usual, and now Jeff trying to keep up with her.

After hooshing them off the road, i managed to get a photo of them all together once again, with the Gap in the background.

All of these sheep you see by the roadside are employed by the Irish Tourist Board especially for our American visitors. Seemingly in the USA this is not allowed.

This great photo, i took it myself, was taken at Ladies View where Queen Victoria, during her brief visit to Killarney stood, and is said to have proclaimed it  "the most beautiful view in the Kingdom".

This view shows all the lakes as the the river makes its way  down to Killarney, and beyond. Don't they look happy?

What a magnificent picture, the beauty of it, it has everything, even the scenery around me.

There were some really heavy downpours during the night, and this mountain stream near Ladies View makes a lovely picture.

Sitting on the bridge above this lovely river, we have Terry, with Jeff, Sue and Mike, keeping an eye on her
I took this picture as we made our way up through the forest to Torc Waterfall.

It may not be the Niagara Falls, but is it not beautiful?

Here we have Mike, leading the way back down to the Torc falls after exploring further up these mountain steps. The views from up there are just breathtaking.

We asked some lady visitor to take this photo of all of us together at Torc. I am not sure what she did with my camera, but this photo makes me look ridiculously small. There was also a bit of a hole in the ground where i was standing. Next time i will get an Irish person to take my pictures.

Terry Sue and Mike, after we got back down from the Falls. Note the sign.

We visited Muckross House and Gardens in Killarney after leaving Torc and saw this stag romping across the fields. There are a lot of deer in the park but they do stay mostly out of sight.

Sue and Terry in the foyer of our hotel, the Killarney Plaza, after we left the Muckross estate. This is a lovely hotel, and situated right in the middle of this lively town.

The hunger got the better of us after checking in, and here you see, from the left, Mike, Sue, Jeff and Terry enjoying a variety of tasty selections. Trying to set a good example,as usual, i had the Latte in the tall glass which you see in the foreground. It made no difference. They still ate way too much.

Tomorrow will be their day in the magical Gap of Dunloe so make sure to follow along as we continue to enjoy the magic of the south west of Ireland.