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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chauffeurdriven tour in Killarney and the Gap of Dunloe

This morning i collected Joseph and Eliane at the G Hotel in Galway( pictured above ), where they had stayed overnight. Today our final destination was to be Killarney in County Kerry, in the south west of Ireland.

We paid a visit to my own home in Kinvara on the southern shores of Galway Bay. The picture above shows Joseph and Elaine down at the little harbour near my home, with Kinvara bay in the background.

Our journey took us through the beautiful town of Adare in county Limerick. Here we have Eliane and Joseph pictured on the main street in Adare, with the thatched cottages, for which Adare is famous, in the

Another lovely picture of the happy couple in the centre of Adare, with the Trinitarian Church and the town fountain in the background. This is a really beautiful church and is seven or eight hundred years old. The fountain was erected by the Countess Dunraven for the locals to have access for water for their horses. Her husband, the Earl of Dunraven, was the ruling landlord at that time.

The Gap of Dunloe is a gorge through the Kerry mountains, which was carved out by a huge glacier during the ice age. Kate Kearney's Cottage is the pub at the entrance to the Gap, and here you see Eliane and Joseph outside the pub.

Joseph and Eliane as we made our way towards the Gap. You can see the road in the distance, winding its way up through the mountains towards the Gap at the top.The old ruins in the picture were the remains of rest stops for travellers in ancient times, something like the pony express station where they could rest their horses on long journeys.

The road is littered with huge boulders from the time of the ice age, and here you see me in the process of moving one which had been blocking our way.

Here we have Joseph and Eliane at the top of the mountain with the lakes of Killarney off in the distance.
This heifer looks like he doing a balancing act on the edge of the mountain, but even up here the grass is sweet.

This is the local church in the Black Valley, which lies on the downside of the Gap of Dunloe.

By the time we were on our way back to Killarney the light was fading but i think that this is a really lovely photo of Joseph and Eliane at Ladies View. This particular place is where Queen Victoria stood with her handmaidens, and proclaimed it to be "The most beautiful view in the kingdom." Hence the name Ladies View.
You can make out the lakes of Killarney in the distance in the background.
 Once again today we had a really nice day. The weather continues to be beyond belief for this time of the year, and long may it last. Tonight and tomorrow night we are in Killarney.
Tomorrow we are on our way to the Dingle peninsula, my own personal favourite. The forecast is good once again, so i should have some more nice photos for you tomorrow.