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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Irish chauffeurdriven vacations.

Is there anything to beat this ? The Gap of Dunloe tour on the horse drawn buggies is one of my favourites. Some people try to drive through here, but it is not recommended, and i would even go as far as to say that those who do it, and think that they are saving themselves money, just do not know what they are missing. Driving these very dangerous narrow mountain roads, especially in the Gap, where you are putting the lives of those in the buggies, and indeed walking, at risk,is mean and selfish. It is not that i begrudge people who have to save money, it is that they do it at a risk to the lives of others. Many of these people are barely able to drive on the normal roads. When you do descend down the far side of the mountains to the lakes of Killarney, and board your boats for the second part of the trip,which take you down through the lakes of Killarney and back to Ross castle at the end, this is something else that those people who drive miss completely. Well i think you know already that i do not feel sorry for them. You get what you pay for. I know that if you do take the time to avail of this trip, you will not be sorry, and personally i do not think that it is expensive for what you get. Dero's tours in the main street in Killarney organise these daily trips, and they are very reliable and efficient. Tell them Dave sent you, and you will get an exttra special horse.

My dear friends Terry and DiAnn, enjoying an ice cream on the Ring of Kerry. I took the photo.....and then had my ice cream.

Charlie Chaplin loved to spend his holiday time in Waterville on the Ring of Kerry and they erected this bronze on the seafront in his memory. They are doing one of me as well but they have not been able to get the nose to my satisfaction just yet. I am a bit of a perfectionist, but then i am entitled to be.

A field of wild poppies near my home in Kinvara. The Irish countryside of full of beautiful vegetation, magnificent wild flowers, Fuscia, Rhododendrons, heather and furze, poppies and daisies, and shrubs of all kinds, not to mention all of our magnificent trees. No wonder the air is so pure.

A vacation with me can be the experience you seek, if you love nature, the countryside, the hills and valleys, the rugged mountains of the western seaboard, the sea scapes, the islands and lakes, the small towns and villages, and the country people . You can, of course, spend time in Dublin, and have your Guinness in the St James's Gate brewery, you can visit all of the main attractions in this great city, but the Ireland i will introduce you to as we share our history, our traditions, our music, our politics, the story of our religion, and everything that you may need to know, is the Ireland that you will bring home with you in your memory, and reflect on for many years to come.
Just message me if this is the vacation you are looking for.