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Saturday, September 13, 2014

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My company, Dovechauffeurdrive Irish Tours, is based in the West of Ireland, but we do cover all of the Republic of Ireland. We do not have any set tours, and tailor our tours to our clients time frame and their special wishes. We plan our tours directly with our clients and include whatever they see as their priorities. We know our country, and take great pride in showing it off to many new friends every year.
If you want to see the real Ireland, come to us. Who knows what we will find for you. You will certainly be coming home when you travel with us.
Yes, that is me pictured with the lovely Kathleen outside the Killarney Plaza Hotel. I know that all those special Texas ladies who toured with me last year are wishing that they could have come back with Kathleen again this year but unfortunately it just was not possible. Hopefully they will be back again in the not too distant future. we both had to wear our sunglasses in this picture due to the bright pink of my sweater. If your comments are nice, they will be very welcome.
 This time around, Kathleen came with her sister, Jamie, whose lifelong ambition was to visit Ireland and the land of their ancestors. They had been to England for a few days before coming across to Ireland, and therefore this tour was not for that long a duration.
Here they are pictured outside the old Tridentine Church in what is considered by many to be
Ireland 's most beautiful town, the town of Adare.
Here we have them returning to Ross Castle and the town of Killarney at the end of their journey in, firstly, the jaunting cars, up through the mountains to the Gap of Dunloe at the very top, and then the  boats for the final leg, back to Ross Castle and Killarney on what is known as the Gap of Dunloe Tour. Kathleen is the lady in the lemon colored jacket, with Jamie directly behind her.

Kathleen sends all her fondest regards to the girls, Tee, Robin, Johnna, Karen and Marcie, along with my own special best wishes. My tour with my Texan ladies was right up there with the best.

Our weather this fall has been exceptional, as indeed was our Summer. The old much overstated remark that "it always rains in Ireland " was well and truly buried this year.
My touring continues, and there is still plenty of nice touring time ahead for anybody with the time and inclination to come before our Winter sets in.
Send me a message, if you have any queries that i can help you with. I am already dealing with tours for next year. The early bird catches the worm.