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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Personal tours of Ireland/ Executive tours of Ireland west and south west.

The winding road through the Gap of Dunloe. Maybe not the best idea to drive these roads yourself, and they are two way, by the way.

I love taking people off the beaten track to places you will never find in tour guide books. When you are born and reared and live in places where roads like this are never far away from you, it becomes second nature to you to be comfortable driving on them. I would not swap them for any highway or motorway.

When you tour with me, i do my level best to try to include your own personal "LIKES" but also advise you as to what i feel are the best and most important places to see. It is a shame when people come here and plan on the advice of somebody who has maybe spent a week here at some stage or else going by the advice of a magazine article written by some "EXPERT" who did a flying tour of Ireland.
I am Irish. I grew up here and have lived here virtually all of my life. I speak our language, i sing our songs, i love our food, i adore our countryside. I know where to bring people who want to see the real Ireland. I know the best places for them to stay, the best places to eat, the best places to shop.I have the local knowledge you may need, especially in case of emergencies. I know what is worth seeing here so that you are not wasting time visiting "OK" places when there are much nicer places to be. The guide books do not always get it right. The tour buses cannot go where i go. I always provide the best of accommodation, and it does not always have to be five star, but you can have that too if that is what you want.
All you have to do is get yourself here. I do everything else. What could be easier.
It is also very easy to drop me a line if you are interested. We can take it from there.

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