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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chauffeurdriven tours/vacations in Ireland with Dave Hogan and Dovechauffeurdrive

My first photo today, after i collected the Walsh family at Shannon airport this morning, having made their long and tiring journey all the way from California. Now i must admit that Michael looks very happy to be here, but who wouldn't be, after traveling all that way. All five of the family were in great form and, happily, were greeted by a lovely blue Irish sky.

 Our destination today was Ashford Castle, and the Lodge at Ashford, and in the photo above we have my happy pals pictured outside the castle after we arrived there.
From the left we have, Bill, Michael, Brianna, Christie, and Edie.
This is truly a wonderful castle located right in the heart of what we call "The Quiet Man" country, and it was here that that famous movie was actually filmed.All of the main people in that movie actually stayed at the castle during the filming.
The beautiful Lodge at Ashford is located just a short walk from the castle itself, and its location is magnificent, as you can see in the photo above. My friends are actually staying in the Lodge, as unfortunately the castle was fully booked when we decided to come here. The Lodge, which is also a part of this magnificent castle complex, is a wonderful backup alternative, and is also really first class.
Here, once again, we have, from the left, Edie, Michael, Christie, Bill, and Brianna, pictured outside the Lodge at Ashford. Despite their tiredness, don't they look happy to be here?
I took this photo inside the castle. Michael wanted to put on the suit of Armour, but unfortunately they did not have one in stock that would fit him. Maybe next time.
Here we have the lovely Brianna, pictured in the castle gardens, with the Republic of Ireland's largest lake, Lough Corrib, in the background. I know that she just wanted to post this photo on my Blog to make all of her pals back home madly jealous. I'll bet that it works Brianna.
Today must have been a bit of an endurance test for the Walsh family, but they were all great soldiers, and we all really enjoyed what was a great first day together. Our plan for the rest of this vacation is a really wonderful plan, and you are welcome to follow my Blog and travel along with us. Tomorrow we journey into Connemara, and end our day in Kinvara, on the southern shores of the renowned Galway Bay, where my pals will be enjoying a medieval banquet in the ancient Dun Guaire castle.

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