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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Kinsale Cobh, (Cove) and Mount Juliet with Dave Hogan Executive tours.

Today,Saturday, we left Kinsale, as we made our way, first of all to Cove, where we visited the Heritage Centre. Here we have, from the left, Mike, Brianna, Christy, Edie, and Bill, posing with the statues of Annie Moore and her two brothers outside the centre. Annie and her brothers were the first people to register at Ellis Island in 1892.

The entrance to the centre.
After leaving Cove we were on our way to Mount Juliet in Kilkenny. This is a wonderful old Manor house estate, and a five star hotel. You can play golf, go horse riding, fish, try your hand at the falconry, and much more, in the luxury of this fabulous place.
All relaxed,and very happy, after we arrived at Mount Juliet.
Falconry is something that most of us never get a chance to try out, and today was our opportunity to do just that. In the picture above ,you can see our falcon, Roger, on his perch, waiting for the fun to start. I can only say that it was a real treat for all of us, as i am sure you can see from the pictures below.
John Duggan, our falconer, is a superb expert and instructor, and we learned so much from him in the time we were with him. If you are planning a visit to Mount Juliet make sure to include falconry on your itinerary. The hotel will retain John's service for you, and it is well worth the reasonable charge.
In this picture you can see the falcon coming in to land on Mike's gloved hand.
Now it was Bill's turn. Scary stuff.
Then it was Edie's turn, and here he comes.
Christie was not to be outdone, and this falcon was hungry for his bits of chicken.
This is an interesting picture, which i took myself ,of the falcon zooming in to land on my glove. The yellow at the bottom of the picture is my glove and the falcon is zooming in from below to land on the glove.
 Now John demonstrated the falcon catching his treats in midair. Here we see Roger, our falcon today, grabbing his catch in flight.
Here he goes again.
Christie looks like she is having great fun, and so she was.
 Roger, just a blur, as he comes in at speed, to snatch his treat from Brianna's glove.
Mike looks like he has found a real pal in Roger.
Another picture i managed to take as Roger came in, hard and fast,  to land on my glove.
Brianna would like to take Roger home.
And finally, Bill and Edie get close up and friendly with Roger.
What an adventure this was for all of us todaym and i would recommend it to anybody.
Tomorrow we are here again to enjoy Mount Juliet for another day, with fishing, golf and horse riding on the menu.
More pics soon to follow. See you then.

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