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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Gap of Dunloe and Dingle

The Gap of Dunloe is a spectacular journey through an ancient mountain gorge in the Kerry mountains, and eventhough it was a cold and windy day, my party braved to elements today and boarded their jaunting car and set out on this unique trip.In this picture you can see the narrow road winding its way up through the gorge.
Another picture of the road.

Next it was on to the Dingle peninsula, and here we have everybody together on the famous Inch beach with a not so calm ocean in the background. Today was another cold and windy one but it was still really nice as we were all wrapped up, and there was no rain.
Hey Barry, watch out, the tide is lapping at your toes.
Cindy and Rich look really nice here, with the patchwork quilt like fields in the background near Dingle.
Dingle is famous for its ancient stone dwellings, the Beehive huts, pictured here in the background. These huts were the homes of ancient farmers and fishermen, and the monks of old.

An all smiling Lynn pictured with Dingle bay ,and the Iveragh peninsula, in the background in the mist. Note the sunlight making a vain attempt to break through the cloud.

The scenery at Slea Head at the tip of this peninsula is really breathtaking, and here we have Barry taking it all in and enjoying the freshest of fresh air.

All together at this old farm house near Slea Head, which is actually over five hundred years old. The beehive hut, shown earlier in one of the photos above, is located on this farm near Slea Head.

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