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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Chauffeurdriven tour of the Jameson Distillery in Middleton and the famous Harbour at Cove

On Wednesday, we were on our way to the very popular Jameson Distillery in Middleton county Cork. This included this special ferry crossing of the River Lee at the mouth of Cork's harbour close to Cove, that renowned port from where the Titanic departed on her final fatal last leg of her doomed voyage.I took the above picture as we crossed the Lee.
Here we see my excited group outside the Jameson Distillery in Middleton. They knew, of course, that they would soon be sampling some of the wonderful Jameson whiskey.
In the above picture, you can see just how excited Ray was, barely able to contain himself as he appears to be trying to grab an early sample. Unfortunately for him, the sampling was to come at the end of the tour, and he had to wait a little longer.
This really wonderful tour, is a tour of the old distillery, and here we have the great mill wheel, which powered the distillery. Everything is still is complete working order here in Middleton, eventhough the new distillery is just across the road from this old one.
I was not able to get a really proper picture of this huge copper still inside the distillery, but this particular one is the largest still in the world, and a magnificent sight to see.My party really did enjoy it all, especially the tasty samples which they finally got before departing for Cove.

After finishing our Jameson tour, we made our way to the harbour town of Cove, and to the Cove Heritage center there. This center was actually the port terminal,and it was from here that millions of Irish emigrants spent their final hours before boarding their ships for the voyage to the USA and many other worldwide destinations. It was also from here that the Titanic took on board her last passengers before sailing away on her tragic voyage.
In this picture we have, from the left, Therese, Ray, Henry, and Lisa.

I caught Ray, unaware, as i snapped this photo of him grabbing this female Leprechaun in the Heritage center, when the rest of the party were busy elsewhere. He does look rather nervous, doesn't he. Oooooh Ray.

Annie Moore and her two little brothers, were the first people to register at Ellie Island back in 1892, and this memorial to them is on view outside the heritage center in Cove. Here we have my group, surrounding the memorial. Once again, Ray looks a little strange. I think he may have been apologising for that episode with that Leprechaun.

Well, sadly, i finished this very special tour with this lovely group of people as we said our goodbyes in Dublin today (Thursday). We did have great fun, and it never felt like work.
Thank you all sincerely for the wonderful companionship, fun, and many laughs i enjoyed with you all. You know that you will always be welcome back again.
Safe home, and God Speed.

Your pal

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