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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Chauffeurdriven tours in Kerry and South west of Ireland

My full party at Muckross House in Killarney.
From left. Bob and Dawn, John and Linda, Steve and Barbara, and Dave and Arlene.
Now they were off to the magnificent Gap of Dunloe and here we have the full party assembling at Kate Kearney's cottage at the entrance to the Gap. This Gap is actually a giant ice age gorge, which was carved through the Kerry mountains by a giant glacier, during the ice age.
Underway in their horse drawn carriage.
As you journey on this narrow winding road to the Gap at the top, you pass a series of glacial lakes, one of which you see here in this picture. John, Arlene and Dave feature here in this lovely picture.
A quaint narrow bridge separating two of the lakes on our way to the Gap.
They made it. Where are the rest of them? I see only Barbara, Dawn and Bob. I was to find out later that the rest of the party actually got a discount for dismounting on the way up to the top. Obviously the remaining ones, did not need the money. By the way, the guy with the blue waistcoat is the Jarvey.
There was a snack break at the end of the buggy ride, and as you can see, they all cleaned their plates.
Now this needs a little explaining, and i am not sure if i even can do that.As i did not go on this trip 
myself with the group, i gave Steve my camera, so that he could get some shots for me. I think that i would be right in saying that the above looks to me like a picture of someones shoes. Steve was not commenting.

After the snack at Lord Brandon's cottage, they now boarded their boats as set sail for the journey back down through the lakes of Killarney and back to Killarney itself.
Here we go again, with another of Steve's shoe shots. Now i am really beginning to wonder. I know that my wife has a thing about shoes , but then most women do. But Steve?
This Steve guy can take good photos though, when he puts his mind to it, and this picture of this arched bridge as you journey down through the lakes, is a fine example of his talent.
When i got as far as this photo, i really began to wonder. I honestly do not think that Steve has a shoe fetish, but what can it be? I have no idea what Steve does for a living, but could he be a shoe salesman or something? Advertising on my Blog? Please write and let me know what you think. I am bamboozled.
It was bad enough trying to figure out what all those shoe photos were, but then i discover this one. I did find out whose ear it was, but i am not telling. I will give you a clue though, he is the one in the group who has no hearing aid.

What a day this was. They loved it all, and tomorrow we have another wonderful program ahead as we head for the majestic Dingle peninsula. 
Are you getting jealous? No need for that, all you need to do, is contact me, and i will take it from there.

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