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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Chauffeurdrive vacations with Dovechauffeurdrive and Dave Hogan

 A lovely Kerry sky, with white clouds over the mountains.
 Here we have my happy family, with the lovely beach at Inch on the Dingle peninsula, in the background. This is a great place for surfing, and becoming increasingly popular. It also featured in the movie "Ryan's Daughter".
From the left;  Mom Janine, Erin, Dad Mike, Claire (the Boss), Grace (hiding behind her hair) and Jane.
 Another view out to sea from Inch. The USA is just beyond the horizon there, but you would need really good weather to catch a glimpse of it.
 The lambing season is over here in Ireland now,but you can still get to hold a baby lamb, (if you are traveling with me.) Well, maybe you might be lucky otherwise, but no guarantees, like mine. The West of Ireland, with its rugged Atlantic peninsulas and mountains, is where you will find the free roaming sheep. They all belong to the local farmers, but are allowed to roam the mountains during the better weather, but are gathered again before the cold winter months. My pictures here were all taken on the Dingle peninsula.
Erin looks like she has here hands full here, but isn't she happy?
 I said "Hello" to this little guy, and he waved at me. Jane looks like she is hanging on here.
 Now Jane's guy looks like he has settled down. Erin seems to be getting to know her guy.
 What is this guy doing with his legs in the air? Whatever it was, Grace seems to be enjoying it. A moment to remember for Grace.
 A nice picture of Claire, with her long golden locks, holding her big well fed lamb.He was quiet heavy.

 Mom Janine was not to be outdone, so she had her turn.
 Dad Mike looks like he has his hands full with this little guy, who looks like he is begging for help.
Sad to say, this was our final breakfast together in the Plaza Hotel in Killarney. What a lovely family to spend a vacation with. All we had left now was our journey back to Dublin, where we parted company, after what i would have to say, was, for me, just like a vacation with my pals.I know they also loved it all, especially my stories. I do write, but now they want me to write a book of my short stories. Maybe i will.
Thank you all, let's do it again sometime.

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