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Monday, October 24, 2016

Chauffeurdriven tour to Jameson's distillery and Cove with Dave Hogan - REPOST OCT 7 2016

To my many followers, especially those involved in these particular three tours.
Due to a computer error, three of my recent tour Posts were deleted from the Blog, and I am now reposting them.

They were the Blog posts for the following tours:

Phil and Barbara Reichart - Sept 13th- Sept 23rd
Dick Shannon - Sept 27th- Oct 6th
Pat Scanlon - Oct 8th- Oct 13th

Please note the dates of these Posts, as they are not being posted on the actual dates that these tours occurred. 

Sincerely, Dave Hogan

Chauffeurdriven tour to Jameson's distillery and Cove with Dave Hogan - REPOST OCT 7 2016

On Wednesday, we made our way to the famous Jameson's distillery in Midleton in county Cork. There was great excitement as we were all aware that after the tour of the distillery itself there would be a sampling session. This, of course, could be where the problems might begin for me, not that my people would cause trouble, but they do know how to party.

You can see in the picture above how anxious Annette was to get on with the tour, as she urges Joe to get a move on.

After completing  the tour without incident, and partaking in some sampling,we then we retired to have a snack. That was when the Irish coffees appeared, and the party was underway. Here we all are together, and it is obvious from the look on my face, (in the background there,) that I was getting a little nervous, as things were hotting up.

The ladies were now anxious to find out how to make the best Irish coffee, while in the home of the best of Irish whiskey. An expert was called in,(seen in the picture above),and the lesson began. Jane was fascinated by this, and took to it like a duck to water.

Now Annette was well into it also, as you can see here. I know that her Mom is following my Blog, and i hope that these pictures do not worry her too much, but i have to tell it as it is. I was concerned as these girls were my responsibility.

In this picture, it is clear to see that Annette is getting a slightly glazed look in her eyes.It was at this point that i called a halt to this session, which was difficult, and took a lot of tack, and i insisted that we would have to get underway soon as we had to get to Cove. Dick backed me, and took command of the situation, as any good mountie would do, and all was well again. The fact that he had settled for the soup helped a lot, as he was in full control of his senses.I suppose my concern for the girls may have been a little overdone, but having a couple of daughters myself, i know just how hard it is to keep an eye on young girls. I am sure that Annette's mom will understand.

By the time we got to Cove, all was well again, and the fresh air helped a lot. Here they are, all together at the memorial to Annie Moore and her two young brothers, the first people to register at Ellis Island in 1892.

Later in the day we returned to Kinsale, and to the old Charles Fort, which overlooks and guards the harbour there.

Kinsale is a beautiful town and one to put on your list.

This tour ended in Dublin yesterday, and what a fun tour it was, with a really lovely group of people. This year, i have been really blessed with many fine customers, people i would now like to call my new friends.
Thank you for all the fun that i was privileged to enjoy with you, and i wish you a safe journey back to the USA.

A very special thank you to my dear friend Dieny, who has helped me so much with her advice on how to deal with Annette during my latest tour. Your assistance Dieny, was invaluable, as she could have been a handful but for your guidance, and it all went off really well.

I begin another tour on Saturday, so if you are enjoying my Blog, feel free to journey along with us on my next adventure.

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