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Monday, October 24, 2016

Knock Shrine and Ashford Castle on Chauffeurdriven tour with Dave Hogan - REPOST SEP 28 2016

To my many followers, especially those involved in these particular three tours.
Due to a computer error, three of my recent tour Posts were deleted from the Blog, and I am now reposting them.

They were the Blog posts for the following tours:

Phil and Barbara Reichart - Sept 13th- Sept 23rd
Dick Shannon - Sept 27th- Oct 6th
Pat Scanlon - Oct 8th- Oct 13th

Please note the dates of these Posts, as they are not being posted on the actual dates that these tours occurred. 

Sincerely, Dave Hogan

Knock Shrine and Ashford Castle on Chauffeurdriven tour with Dave Hogan - REPOST SEP 28 2016

Look what they have done to me. They have fitted me out with a Canadian baseball cap and threatened to write terrible things about me on Facebook if i did not wear it. Not only wear it, but pose for a photo for my Blog while wearing it. Well i do claim to go to any lengths to keep my clients happy, so i suppose i have only myself to blame for it. I wonder what all of my Clients from the USA will think.

 This morning we were off to county Mayo and the Holy Shrine at Knock. Our first stop was at this old abbey in Claregalway en route.

All smiling together and posing in front of the enclosed shrine chapel, with the marble statues depicting the apparition, as it actually appeared, with the figures of St Joseph, Mary, and John the baptist, alongside the altar, with the lamb and cross, and the half circle of angels. Knock is a famous healing shrine with many miracles attributed to it.

My friends,pictured together on the lawns, in front of the the world renowned Ashford castle, in Cong county Mayo. This castle is now a wonderful five star hotel, and recognised as being one of the world's top hotels. They checked with regard to possible vacancies, but as the Presidential suite was occupied, they decided to move on.
Ashford and Cong were the center for the movie "The Quiet Man", and it was here that all of the main people involved in that movie stayed during their time in Cong.

We did have a break in Peacock's pub and restaurant in Maam Cross, where we had a delicious chowder, with lovely home made brown bread. Here we have, from the left, Dick, Annette, and Joe, seated in front of a lovely turf fire (peat), an experience in itself. You will notice that Jane is missing. Dick went looking for her, but he was too late, as she had been in the shop here, and the damage was done. Jane was happy though.
Today was a great day, despite the fact that the weather was not the best, misty and dull, but this party are just happy to be here, and all was well.

Tomorrow we are off the the awesome Cliffs of Moher. Make sure to come along...

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