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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Chauffeurdriven vacations with own driver/guide in Ireland West and South west.

What a lovely time of the year this is, and what nice weather we have had to greet these new arrivals, pictured above with their Mom and Dad. These cygnets were enjoying their swim at the mouth of a little river near my home yesterday.

I spent the past weekend in Killarney, and took this picture of the beautiful St Mary's Cathedral there. If you are visiting Killarney, make sure to stop off here, as this is a very special church, and stands on holy ground, where many famine victims spent their final hours, and were buried right here, before the cathedral was finally constructed.

On a happier note, me and my pal Taffy. We do get on very well and everybody loves Taffy. The white on the ground is not snow, they are my lovely daisies.
I have to tell the world, today is my birthday
My nephew, Eugene, and his wife and two sons, and Lynn's sister and partner, were visiting us from the USA yesterday, and last night we had a really lovely meal together in the wonderful Park House Hotel in Galway city.
In this picture above we have, in the front, my wife Sue, and opposite her, my brother Sean, then behind Sue, yours truly, and opposite, Bridget, my brothers wife.
Then just behind me, we have my nephew Eugene, and opposite him, his wife Lynn.
Then behind Eugene we have Evelyn, and opposite her we have Paige, and last but not least, behind Evelyn, Lewis and opposite him we have Patrick.

Here we have all the men together, Patrick, you know who, Eugene, Sean, and Lewis.
Finally, all the ladies, Lynn, Sue, Bridget, Paige and Evelyn.

We did have a really nice evening together, and eventhough the celebration was a day early, it just simply meant that i was still young enough to enjoy it all the more.

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