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Monday, May 8, 2017

Ireland, bathing in beautiful sunshine. Expert in the west and southwest of Ireland.

 Dun Guaire castle, in Kinvara, close to where i live on the outskirts of Galway city. You can enjoy a medieval banquet in this castle most evenings.

I took the above picture yesterday evening. What a lovely place i live in.
 Well, if climate change is really underway, we here in Ireland may be benefiting more than many, as our recent weather has been really lovely. The past Winter was more than kind, as we had little or no snow, and very little in the line of icy or frosty roads. Out rainfall was way below normal, and we had no really stormy weather either. 
This year so far has been really nice, and we are at present enjoying beautiful sunny and warm weather. does not always rain in Ireland, and anybody who tells you that is talking rubbish. Today i am wearing a short-sleeved T-Shirt and jeans, and i am sure that my suntan is improving. My pony Taffy, is also enjoying the gorgeous sunshine, along with the carrot i am just after giving him.

If you are planning a visit anytime between now and the end of October, just bring smart casual wear, a warm sweater or two, for the evenings, when it may get a little chilly, and light rain wear.  You will be fine with that.
 My absent friend, Jane Coneen, a wonderful artist from P.A, who toured with me on a number of occasions a number of years ago, always used to say, that there were no skies like Irish skies. Judging by my picture above, i think you may agree with her. She loved to paint her Irish scenes, little thatched cottages, and colorful village streets, with magnificent Irish skies to enhance their beauty. She was a lovely lady, and i do miss her.
My touring centers mainly on the western seaboard of our wonderful country. This is the area i was born and reared in, and the area, which to me, is the real Ireland. This was the area which was most affected by the famine back in the eighteen forties, and an area many Irish Americans return to visit, this land of their forefathers, as huge numbers of people fled from these regions to try to escape that wicked famine.The above picture, a picture of a currach, the favoured light sea fishing boat, used by the west of Ireland fishermen, was a vital survival asset during the famine as those who were fortunate to have a currach could at least manage to get food from the sea. That of course depended on the weather also, but these boats were designed to handle rough seas and the fishermen were skilled in their handling of them. 

I am now entering an extremely busy time of the year, but if you do need me, just write to me, or give me a call. If i can help, i will.

Regards for now