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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cullen in Blarney/Kinsale/Jamesons

After leaving Killarney, we made our way to one of the most popular attractions for our tourists, the famous Blarney Castle. As most people know, one of the reasons people come here, is to kiss that Blarney stone, and therefore gain the gift of eloquence. There are those who think that this is a load of nonsense, but people who travel with me have no doubt that i kissed that stone. My pals all kissed it also, and ignored the stupid rumours that it is unhygienic for unmentionable reasons, and i must say that it seemed to have worked on them also. Let me know if you notice any difference in them when they get home to you.

Then it was on to Kinsale, a beautiful harbour town on the south coast, not far from Cork city. This is a very famous and historic town, as it was the scene of our last great tragic battle with the British. It is now best known as the gourmet capital of Ireland.
Sitting on a low wall, overlooking the harbour and town, we have, from the left, Jack, Sheryl, Maureen, and Tom.
What lovely weather we had right through this trip.

The Old head of Kinsale Golf course is set at the end of a rugged and majestic peninsula, as you can see in this picture above, which i took when Tom and i visited there on Friday morning. A friend of Tom's, back in the USA, had arranged for Tom to play a round of golf there, and he was so looking forward to it, but the weather turned nasty with strong winds and rain, and it was just not possible for Tom to play.

I took the picture above of Tom standing out on the patio overlooking the lighthouse at the end of the peninsula, to illustrate just what the weather was like.

This picture above gives you a better idea of just how severe the weather was that day. I know that poor Tom was disappointed, but i think he just might have to come back again, and that is something i would like.

Our day, however, was not entirely wasted, as i took them to the famous Jameson Distillery in Middleton outside Cork city, where they enjoyed a tour of what is recognised as the distillery which produces the world's finest whiskey. They had time to sample some of this great whiskey, and indeed made sure that they brought a sufficient supply of it home with them when we left.
Standing in front of the main entrance with this fine copper still on the lawn in the background we have, from the left, Jack, Sheryl, Maureen, and Tom.
Our tour ended yesterday when my friends finally flew out of Shannon after spending Friday, enjoying a medieval banquet in Bunratty castle, close to Shannon. 
This was another very special tour for me, and a most enjoyable one, with a group of people that  i know i can now call new friends.  
Thank you for coming to me, and please remember that you will always be welcome back again.
Your pal in Ireland
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