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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Chauffeurdriven tour in Ireland with dovechauffeurdrive

The Gap of Dunloe tour is one of the most spectacular tours you can take when visiting Ireland. It is a journey through an ancient road which was carved through the Kerry mountains by a giant glacier during the ice age. The first half of your journey, you make on the horse drawn carts or buggies, and then you board your open boats, which take you down through the lakes of Killarney, and back into Killarney at the famous Ross castle.
 The horse and cart journey begins at Kate Kearney's cottage at the entrance to the Gap of Dunloe. In the picture above, we have Jean, Betsy and Joe, with their horse and cart and Jarvey, in the background. The Jarvey is the guy who drives your cart, and these guys are also your guide and entertainer. Note how everybody has plenty of protective clothing on to protect themselves against the sun.
Almost a group photo, as poor Lee had been given the job of taking this picture. He did do well through. From the left we have, Joe, Barbara, Betsy, Paul, and Jean.

 A lovely view back down the Gap road, showing one of the magical lakes you encounter as you journey towards the Gap at the top of the mountains. My group wanted to ride heir own horse also but because they were all over thirty years of age they were refused permission.

 Is this the top? Not quiet yet, but just take it easy for another while and all will be well.
 Hurray, they made it to Lord Brandon's cottage where they were now able to hydrate and refresh their horse with some Guinness.
 Now why did Jean go off like that? What did i say? Will they ever get used to our Irish sense of humour? Come on Jean, the boat is leaving in a minute.
 All aboard and fitting on their life jackets. I see Jean is there also. Maybe it was not me after all. It usually is though.Ahh well....
 Is that a dog i see in the boat with Jean? Maybe that is what she wanted, and now all looks well.
 All set and ready to go. Their Boatman is Ducksy, real name Donal (Irish). Donal Duck, Get it?
 Now what....where is our boatman gone. The good news is that they did get away and arrived back in Killarney safe and well, and more than excited about this wonderful trip. They really are a happy lot.
The final leg of their journey back to dry land at Ross Castle on the shores of Lough Leane in Killarney. That's me at the top window of the castle keeping a look-out for their boat. Can you see me? Right at the top? Maybe i was just gone. Ahh well.

What a great day they all had. All they need now is a good feed and a few pints to wash that down. And all they say about us Irish and the drink. The less said the better.

If you want to talk to me about anything just send me a message. I am not that bad really. I think i am not anyway.
Tomorrow its Ladies View in the Kerry mountains, and Muckross House in the National Park. More about that then.