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Friday, July 14, 2017

Gap of Dunloe tour with Dovechauffeurdrive and Dave Hogan

Today was the day for one of the highlights for my adventurous group as they prepared for their Gap of Dunloe tour. This is a tour like no other as it begins with a jaunting car ride up through an ancient glacial gorge road through the Kerry mountains, which ends where the road reaches the lakes of Killarney, and from their begins a magical boat ride down through the lakes of Killarney, ending at the famous Ross Castle in Killarney.
Breakfasting together in the KillarneyPlaza Hotel this morning, from the left, Drew, Gracie, and Carol, before the start of their Gap of Dunloe tour.
This amazing journey on the horse drawn jaunting car, takes you up though this mountain gorge, to the Gap at the top, a road that was created by a giant glacier during the ice age.
Carol, in this beautiful picture, seated in her jaunting car, with one of the many glacial lakes in the background.
Who is this young lady, posing for a picture in the Gap. That is not our Gracie, is it?
Another great picture of this narrow road as they near the top.
The top at last, and a great view of the magnificent Black Valley down below.
The three musketeers in their car, while their horse took a nap.
Looking back towards the gap, and down the winding Gap road.
Preparing to cross the bridge at the end of the jaunting car ride at Lord Brandon's cottage.
The entrance bridge and gate to the cottage.
A very serious looking Gracie. Not to worry Gracie, this is Killarney, and not Loch Ness. No monsters here, just fun lovin Leprechauns.
Journeying down through the narrows, as they make their way through the lakes, and back to Killarney.
Now the lakes are opening up, as we near the final straight.
Home at last, and getting ready to disembark. It looks like Carol does not want to get off at all. Well, who could blame her. This was an exceptional day for all.