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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Schumacher in Dingle Aug 2017

 Today, Saturday, we were on our way to the Dingle peninsula. The day was lovely, mild, but warm and dry. Our first stop was at this lovely beach at Inch. The mountains in the background, partially hidden by the mist, are on the Iveragh peninsula, best known as the Ring of Kerry.
 A better view of the long beach at Inch.
 It was a special day for Les and Cher today, their 28th wedding anniversary, and what a lovely present Les bought for his lovely wife. He told me that he had obtained special permission from Aer Lingus to bring this lamb back home on their return flight, so he feels that all will be well. The lamb does seem to be very happy with Cher anyway.
This led to Joan wanting a lamb also, but Gary reminded her that it was not her anniversary. She will just have to get him back here again. I am not sure that it would be a good idea as Gary likes his food too much.

Now Les is getting to know Cher's lamb.
Dingle is famous for its Beehive huts, ancient stone dwellings, inhabited by the inhabitants of these areas many centuries ago.
 This is the home of the late Maire Houlihan, who lived here all her life with her family, until she died here a couple of years ago. The original house here was just a small cottage, later extended into this large family home. This house, and the Beehive hut site, and the place where you can get to hold a lamb, is very close to Slea Head, at the tip of the peninsula. In the picture above you can see Joan, to the left, then Gary, with Cher beside him, and Les, making their way back to the car.
 The scenery around Slea Head is spectacular and today it was at its very best.
 Another lovely view as we made our way back around to Dingle. The ladies had a really special time in Dingle, as we spent time in Brian DeStaic's jewellery factory, and they acquired some really beautiful pieces for themselves, and some presents to bring home also. I know that they cannot wait to show off their beautiful Claddagh rings, and shamrock earrings etc.
 Well we had to round off this special day with a nice meal, and we went to the Porterhouse in the heart of Killarney, where we all had beautiful rib eye steaks, Cher had medallions of fillet. As i am trying to control my weight, i just settled for a small Knickerbocker Glory to finish off, Joan was tempted to follow my advice and joined me for the same.None of my pals had ever heard of a Knickerbocker Glory before, but then they are a long behind us yet in the USA in  converting to healthy foods.
Outside the Porterhouse pub after finishing our meal. The guys look like they are putting on a little weight, but it might have a little to do with the vast amounts of beer they seem to be able to knock back. They seem to love everything Irish at this stage, and i suppose that our Irish beer and Guinness seem to help you to love everybody. I wonder is that why we are such friendly people? I am beginning to wonder if this group are going to go back home at all. If they do stay, i think that they will have no problem, as they will fit in very well here, they are fun,drink plenty, and we do love fun people.