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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Chauffeurdriven vacation with Mike and Liz Harn

They just had to visit the famous Blarney Castle yesterday, on our way to Kinsale. They say that when you kiss the Blarney stone you get the "Gift of the Gab", an eloquence beyond the norm. Wait until you hear them when they get home again.
A picture of some of the trees in the grounds, with their Winter woolen jerseys to keep them warm.
The Blarney river as it flows through the grounds of the castle.
A view from the back of our hotel, the Mac Donald Kinsale Hotel. This old tree, looks like it has seen better days. The bay down below, is Oysterhaven bay, and they do grow oysters there.
Mike and Liz, enjoying the fresh air on the balcony at the rear of the hotel.
Today we crossed the River Lee on our way to visit the Heritage center in Cove. I took this picture on our ferry from Passage west today.
The statues of Annie Moore and her two young brothers, who were the first people to register at Ellis Island. Mike and Liz were not there at the time, but they did look well when they met up with them today.
Liz and Mike, at the entrance to the Cove Heritage Center today. The memorabilia in this center are most interesting for anybody who has ancestors who left Ireland back in the late eighteen hundreds, and early nineteen hundreds. There is also a huge amount of material here, connected with the Titanic as this was her last port of call before sailing to her tragic end on her way to the USA.

Pictured inside the terminal where their own ancestors more than likely had to pass through, as they left Ireland behind, and began their long journey to the New World.
 This massive copper still, in the garden in front of the distillery, makes a fitting background to Mike and Liz's visit here.
And finally, my happy couple, pictured together outside the Jameson distillery today.

Tomorrow, Thursday, is our final day on this tour of the west and southwest, as we make our way to Dublin, where we part company, after what has been a really lovely, and most enjoyable tour for me, and i hope for them also. 

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