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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesday was their day in the Gap of Dunloe. The day was not as bright and sunny as yesterday, but it was still ok, as they made their way up through the mountains in their horse drawn jaunting cars. Unfortunately, there was a problem with my camera, and i will be updating my Blog again when Bob forwards his pictures to me for me to add here.
I do have some pictures of this trip from previous tours, just to give you an idea of what this journey is about. In this picture above you can see the horse as he makes his way up the narrow Gap road towards the top of the mountains. This road was carved through these mountains by a giant glacier during the ice age.

Another picture as he nears the top.
Here we have my party arriving back at Ross castle, at the end of the boat ride, the final part of the Gap tour, which takes you firstly on the jaunting cars, and then on the magical boat ride, down through the lakes of Killarney, and back to Ross castle at the end.
Here is a fine view of Ross castle as the boat arrives back to land.

Our time in Killarney ended on Wednesday, as we began our journey to the historic town of Kinsale.
We stopped off first of all at Killarney's beautiful Cathedral, St Mary's in the heart of the town. Here we have Bob, pictured inside this magnificent church.
The view from the patio at the rear of our Kinsale hotel, the Mac Donald's Kinsale Hotel. The water below is part of Oysterhaven Bay, where they grow lovely oysters.Kinsale is known as the gourmet capitol of Ireland, so you can try the oysters out for yourself, if you find yourself there.
From Kinsale we travelled to the town of Cove, the harbour port from where the vast majority of our emigrants departed on their way to the New World, mainly America.
Bob and Joanne, pictured seated on the base of the memorial to Annie Moore and her brothers outside the Heritage center in Cove. They were the first people to be registered at Ellis Island back in 1892.
 From Cove we went on to the town of Midleton, and the home of the world renowned, and the Jameson Distillery. Here we have Bob, pictured outside the dsitillery.
 It looks like Bob is about to make a delivery.
Another great picture of Bob, in the garden at the front of the distillery, with this huge copper still in the background.

This was to be the final part of our tour, as we left for Dublin on Friday, after what i hope was an enjoyable tour for this group.

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