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Monday, October 9, 2017

Chauffeurdriven tour in Gap of Dunloe with DoveCan you recognise

Today was a special day for the ladies, as they were off on their adventure through the famous Gap of Dunloe, a journey through a mountain gorge, which was created by a giant glazier. This tore through the Kerry mountains, during the ice age. The tour begins at Kate Kearney's cottage at the entrance to the Gap, where you board your horse drawn jaunting cars, which then bring you on the long haul up to the Gap at the top of the mountains, and down the far side to the lakes of Killarney at Lord Brandon's cottage. There you can have a snack before boarding your open boats, which take you down through the three lakes of Killarney, and back to Killarney itself at the historic Ross castle. This is indeed a very special journey ,and one not to miss. People will tell you that they did it and drove through it themselves, but take it from me, they do not know what they have missed by leaving out the section down through the lakes in the open boats. The Jarveys, the men who man the jaunting cars, are also local men, and great characters, and full of fun and stories. You will enjoy them also. If you do the Gap, do it the right way.
The picture above shows the gap in the distance, and the narrow mountain road ahead.
This is a picture of Ross castle as the boat reaches its final destination at the end of the tour.
Looks who's back again after their great adventure.
There's Ann and Peggy, looking happy and relaxed as their boatman brings them to the pier.
Another view of the Gap, as they near the top.
If you do choose to drive it, then this is the type of road you are going to have to navigate.
 Can you recognise these ladies pictured above? Well they are, from the right, Peggy, Ann, Brenda, and partially hidden behind Brenda, we have Laurie. They were on their feet for an encore at the end of the great Celtic Steps show in the Killarney racecourse auditorium last night, which features a great selection of wonderful traditional Irish music, wonderful singing, and world class Irish dancing. This is a show not to be missed, and one that has been running for the last few years, and will be continuing again when the next season begins around April 2018. The ladies really loved it, and were a little disappointed that they were not called up to give a little exhibition themselves, but maybe next year.
Well they did actually appear on stage, as you can see here, but they would not allow me to publish their performance as they have not worked out their contractual agreements with Utube yet. Well why should they not be paid also, common sense i would say.  A bit disappointing for their fans back home in the USA though i would think.

I forgot to mention that we dined last night in the Uptown Indian restaurant where everybody, even those who had never eaten Indian food before, really enjoyed the meal.
This was another great day and one we all enjoyed together.

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