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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Chauffeurdriven tour of Cove and Midleton with Dovechauffeurdrive and Dave Hogan

Today was our second day in Kinsale, and our itinerary took us to the harbour town of Cove on the outskirts of Cork city.Cove is the harbour from where the vast majority of our emigrants departed on their way to many overseas destinations, mainly the USA.It was also the final stopping off place for the tragic Titanic.
 When Queen Victoria visited Cove back in 1849, the English changed the name to Queenstown, as you can see from the writing on the glass over the entrance to the heritage center in Cove. When we became a free state in 1922, we changed the name back to the original Irish name of Cove.Here we have the ladies gathered together outside the heritage center.
 The figures of Annie Moore and her two brothers, are located on the harbour front, outside the center, and once again we have the ladies looking happy and relaxed in this picture.
 Is Ann happy and relaxed? I think that she is, and just meditating, and taking it all in. Her little Leprechaun is pictured in the background here, and i wonder does he know that very soon he is going to be on his way to where Annie Moore and her brothers went many years ago.
Now the girls are inside the center, where in the background you can see a whole array of flags draped on high, representing all of the different countries, where our Irish emigrants left for. In this picture you can clearly see the Stars and stripes and the Canadian flag.
Getting their tickets as they enter the center proper.
Brenda was caught unawares when i opened my cardigan front to expose my Patriots T-Shirt. It was a brave thing for me to do, as i knew that she is a Gators fanatic,and a tough one at that, but i just banked on the fact that there were a lot of people around, and that i just might get away with it, and i did, so far anyway.
Brenda did look a little peeved though.
After enjoying our visit to Cove, we continued on our way to the town of Midleton, and the home of the world's finest whiskey, Jameson's. This distillery is an amazing place to visit, and you will never look at whiskey the same way after learning all about it here.
What a nice picture of my girls outside in the garden at the front of the building,with this fine old copper still on the lawn behind them. From the left, we Brenda, Ann, Laurie, and Peggy.

In the picture below, we have Ann and Laurie. Please note that i took all of these picture before they actually did the tour inside, to make sure that they were taken at the appropriate time, and before anybody had a chance to sample any of the many different offerings of whiskey available inside. Well, you know, some people do look different after a few, don't they?
Tonight was the final night of our tour together, and the ladies invited me to dine with them in Kinsale. This was a very special night, and a lovely way to celebrate together what has been a really nice, and happy tour.
 Our meal was lovely, and everybody really enjoyed it. Tomorrow, Friday, we head for Dublin where we will be parting company, as they spend their final night enjoying Dublin city, and i head for home.
I can only say that this has been a very happy and enjoyable tour for me, with a really nice group of ladies, and i wish them a happy and safe journey home, where i know their families will be waiting to welcome them back once again.
As we commonly say in Ireland
God speed.

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