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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Chauffeurdriven tour to Dingle with Dave Hogan and Dovechauffeurdrive

Today we were off to one of my favourite places, the Dingle peninsula. Here we have the ladies sitting on the stairs in their hotel before we left this morning.
 Of course this was after a fine breakfast in the Killarney Plaza Hotel, a really nice hotel if you are coming to Killarney. And these ladies are well able for their breakfasts.
Arriving at the entrance to the Dingle peninsula.
 The beach at Inch on the Dingle peninsula is a really lovely beach, and here we have the ladies posing for a nice picture, with the foaming Dingle Bay in the background.
A nice picture of Ann, with the green fields of Dingle in the background.
 Now Ann is joined by Laurie. These Dingle fields are divided by hedgerows, unlike the fields further northwest of here, where you have the stone walls.
Below we have a selection of pictures i took near Slea Head, where the girls had a great time cuddling this gorgeous three week old lamb. Both Ann and Laurie looked a little concerned in this picture, but Peggy has it all under control.
 It looks like they are all happy again. This was a really friendly little lamb, and was following us all over the place while we were there.
Here she is inside Aodain's house after following us in. Needless to say, this was off limits but she was in before we had a chance to stop her.
 I think the ladies would have loved to take her with them, if only they could. Now Brenda has joined in.
 Aodain is the young man in charge here, and here you can see him petting one of the larger sheep, while the ladies are still hanging on to the baby. Looks like Brenda is taking her own pictures.
The ancient stone constructed Beehive huts were the homes of the farmers and fishermen from way back in time, and here you see the ladies examining one of them on the hillside.

I think that this is a really lovely picture of these happy ladies, as they sit on the wall at Slea Head, with the Blasket islands in the background.
Well look who we have here, Ann and her Leprechaun, sheltering behind this palm tree in Dingle.

Today was a really great day, and we topped it all off with a really fine meal of fish and chips in Harringtons restaurant, on the harbour front.
Tomorrow we are on our way to Blarney, and the popular Blarney castle, and then on to Kinsale. More adventures to be enjoyed.

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