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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Chauffeurdriven tour with Minnesota ladies

Early this morning, early, i collected Mary Kierzek and her band of Minnesota warriors, on their arrival at Shannon airport, and we made our way to Galway city, where we were to meet up with three more of their party, who had arrived in Dublin a couple of days ago,as they wanted to spend some time there before joining us in Galway.
Here we have, Mary,(in the middle) with four more of the party, who shall remain anonymous, until i have time to get my head around the names. What am i going to do when we team up with the remaining three, who are joining us later in Galway. Please put up with me for now.
 We still had no idea when the rest of the party were due to join us at the Harbour Hotel in Galway but we did get time to enjoy a welcome cup of coffee, while waiting to see if we could get some news.
We decided, after failing to make contact with the missing three, to take a sightseeing tour of Galway city, and our first stop was at the beautiful Galway Cathedral. We did manage to catch the end of a Sunday morning mass, at which no less than the Bishop of Galway was officiating. I took this picture of the ladies, with the main body of the church, and the raised central altar, in the background.
One of the side altars in this fine cathedral, is dedicated to the Mother of Perpetual help, and here we have the ladies again, posing in front of this beautiful setting.
This cathedral was opened in 1965  by Cardinal Cushing of Boston,and was built on the site of the old British jail.The money to fund the construction was collected mainly from the contributions of the local people of Galway, and monies raised from our friends and relatives in the USA.

This picture shows the view of the cathedral from the other side of the altar.
Galway's main river, the Corrib, flows directly in front of the cathedral, and here you have, an up-river view, showing the salmon weir, which controls the flow of this river, and also allows the salmon to swim upstream during the spawning season. The Corrib river and lake, have always been wonderful fishing waters.
Here we have my ladies, standing on the bridge over the Corrib,with the cathedral in the background. The main door to the Galway jail was located where the main door of the cathedral is now, and there was a platform over that door, where the hangings used to take place. What a welcome change.
Tomorrow i will hopefully be back again, with my extra three ladies, bringing our total number up to eight, plus me, and who knows, i may even have a few names remembered for you by then.
Come along with us and enjoy.

If you wish to learn more about my tours, please send me an e-mail, or give me a call, and we can take it from there. It is not to early to enquire about next year, and remember, i operate on a "first come, first served" basis.

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