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Thursday, February 1, 2018

St Bridgets Day in Ireland today.

 Because of the special day this is, i am posting the above picture of my dear friends, Terri and DiAnne Rooney, a truly wonderful couple who toured with me. I took this picture at St Bridget's well, close to the Cliffs of Moher. The small entrance to the well can be seen in the background, with the enclosed figure of St Bridget in the glass case in the foreground. This is a sacred place to many who come here to seek her intervention for many a various reasons.
 Make sure that you get to see it if you visit the Cliffs, or better still, let me bring you there.
Today we celebrate the feast day of our patroness, St Bridget, and what a wonderful, and very special lady she was.
Bridget lived at the time of St Patrick, and was inspired by his message, and became a Christian, after having heard him preach.
 She was the daughter of an Irish Chieftain, and because she was a very beautiful girl, her father saw her as a great asset. She could be paired off with the son of another powerful family, thereby gaining more power for both families. 
Bridget did not want to marry, as she had already decided that she wanted to become a missionary herself. Her father would not allow that, and it is said that she scarred her face to rid her of her beauty. Her father then relented, as he knew that she would no longer be the attraction she had been. She became a nun, and they say that on the day she took her vows, her beauty returned. 
She went on to build many convents and her following of young girls grew and grew, and she converted many people, and did a monumental amount of wonderful charitable work.
She created the renowned straw St Bridgets cross, which is hung in many homes throughout Ireland. It is said to protect the home against fire and evil.
Maybe you would like to read more about her online. She was one very special lady, and we are lucky to have her.