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Monday, August 10, 2020

 A lovely picture, on a beautiful day, close to my home in Kinvara in County Galway. This is one of my favourite walks, where it is so quiet and peaceful, and where you can feel that all is truly well in the world, and in your own life also. How blessed i truly am.

I hope that all of you, my absent friends, are well and happy also, during this period where all of our lives have been disrupted. I myself am well, despite the fact that my business has come to a standstill, as the vast majority of people have had the good sense to postpone their vacations, until things return to whatever our new normal may be. Please God that day will not be too far off. In conscience, i could not encourage anybody to travel to Ireland at this point in time, eventhough we have been keeping a reasonably good control over the spread of the virus here. People have been very good in general, but it has not been entirely eradicated yet. Your vacation would not be the same one way or another anyway, as there are so many places and events closed down all over the country, and things are just not the same.I would feel that i was being deprived of my ability to deliver the wonderful type of service that i have always delivered, and that would not make me happy at all.

Most of my prospective customers for this year, were happy to postpone their vacations to next year, and please God by then i will be back in full flight, and full of the joys of Spring for all of you to enjoy your time here in Ireland with the real Dave Hogan.

In the meantime, stay safe and stay well, and love and many real Irish blessings to all of you.

Your Irish pal


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