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Tuesday, April 6, 2021


Normal traffic in my part of the country.

Back again after an absence through nothing but laziness. I have had no touring to do, due simply to the fact that it has not been safe, and i am waiting for things to improve. The good news for me is that i have received my first dose of the vaccine, and i just have to wait now for a couple of weeks more to receive my second jab. It really was so easy, and i did not suffer any reaction, but even if i did, i would have known that i just had to put up with it to get myself protected at last. Then i am prepared to meet, and greet, anybody who wishes to discuss their plans with me. It will be a great relief to be back up and running once again. 

In the meantime i am open to commence planning with all of you who are just as anxious as i am to get back to normal life, and i am sure that many of you are ready and willing to have a well earned break after all of the agony you have had to endure over the past year.

We all haver to be careful whe planning to check out airlines, and all of the details attached to leaving your country, and entering another one. thier will be different requirements in different countries, and you need to be sure that you will not be quarantined on entering any country and missing your holiday completely. the arranging of accommodation are also extremely important. These are changing rapidly as this virus continues to mutate etc.

I will be reporting in more regularly from now on so stay tuned and if you have any questions to ask me either leave a message here or contact me directly by e-mail me at

Springtime brings back the flowers. There is a life to be lived yet.

Love to all for now

Your Irish Tour operator, and guide.

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