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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chauffeurdriven tours in Ireland's South-West/Killarney/Kinsale

All my happy ladies bidding me farewell outside their hotel in Dublin yesterday after our long drive from Kinsale. Now i do realise that their are bad minded people out there who may be thinking that the girls were glad to be seeing the last of me, but i can assure you that that was not the case. I had seven in my group, but there appears to be one missing in the picture above, so i am rectifying that by including a second picture below where you can actually see the missing lady.

Yes....there she is. From the left:  Connie, Artus, Margie, Susan (at the back), Sharon, Judy, and Lynn. You may notice that they are not waving in this picture as i was trying to get them to look sad. That did not work either, as you can see, they are still smiling. I still stick to what i said above.....they really were sad.

Well all good things must come to an end and my drive alone all the way back to Galway, after leaving the ladies, was a lonely one. When you have the company of seven fun ladies for almost a full week you could easily find yourself wondering if you had gone deaf. They were a barrel of laughs and we did have a great time. The places we visited were all wonderful, the weather was varied, but never a problem, and all of the stories, the jokes, and the sharing of our own life experiences made this trip special. Maybe someday they will come back again to take up where we left off.

The season is winding down now and, eventhough October is a month when people like to holiday, the traffic from the USA will lessen as most Americans like to stay at home when the Presidential election is imminent. Politics i stay clear of, and if i ever make the ,mistake of venturing an opinion then i just might find myself a little nervous at the Cliffs of Moher. Let me just say that i sincerely hope that whoever you get next as your President, that things will get better for all of you. How about subsidised holidays to Ireland for US citizens of Irish descent? Most of your Presidents got free holidays to Ireland did they not? You just might have a case there for discrimination. Anyway those Presidents who did visit here missed out really as none of them used me. (Ha Ha....take that)

Thanks again girls for a lovely time, and God Bless, and safe home. Remember what i taught you? 

Dia Guith  (Jeeah gwitch)   God be with you.


Slainte mhaith   (Slawncha wah)  Good health

Love to all