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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chauffeurdriven vacations Killarney Kinsale

This morning we finally left Killarney behind as we made our way to Kinsale. Last night we had a get together in the grill bar at the Killarney Plaza Hotel where the ladies enjoyed a nice meal and a couple of bottles of wine together. They are a fun group, and great company, and the time is flying by. Sorry about the darkness in this photo but i cannot seem to get my flash going. I am sure that my twelve year old grandson will sort that out for me.

Perriville House in Kinsale is a special house with quiet a history dating back to the early eighteen hundreds and is ideally located right in the heart of Kinsale overlooking the harbour. We got there before midday and the ladies were quiet impressed by their accommodation for tonight.
Kinsale is known as the gourmet capitol of Ireland and the choice of places to eat is wonderful. If you are a fish lover then you will not find better, but for those who like their steak or lamb, or whatever, then you will also be well catered for. Kinsale also has a great and tragic history and there are guided walks with specialist escorts who will relate the history of the town as you go. The little train that takes you on a tour up to Charles Fort on the hillside overlooking the harbour, and around the town, is another fine way to learn about Kinsale while enjoying great views.

Above you can just see the little train taking the corner as the ladies set out on their train ride around the town. I slipped up again here as i thought it would turn towards me but as you can see it went the other way. Am i losing it?
The above photo is one i took on a previous tour and shows the entrance to Charles Fort. This was a massive fortification and guarded the entrance to this most important strategic harbour back in the eighteen hundreds. It is a star shaped fort with gun mountings on all sides and nothing could pass through the harbour entrance without being blasted out of the water.

This is the Desmond castle which is located in the centre of Kinsale and was built by the Earl of Desmond as a customs house. It was also used as a prison for American sailors during the American war of independence and an English monarch was crowned here on another occassion. It was also occupied by a Spanish force who captured it back in the early sixteen hundreds when they came to aid an Irish rising which proved to be a disaster.
As we prepare to leave the West of Ireland on our way to Dublin tomorrow i thought i should include one more photo of this wonderful part of Ireland. Once again i enjoyed my time here, and it was even better as a result of the fun company i have had with me. We make our way to Dublin tomorrow where i have to part company with my ladies and i hope that they also had a great time and will have plenty of special memories of Ireland. I just wish i had more time to teach them more Gaelic/Irish and also to help them perfect the proper way to speak English, the way we speak it here. They have terrible trouble with words like "this" and "that". They seem to turn a "TH" into a "D". Dis gets very annoying when you hear dat from dose all de time. Any ideas?  Any advice?