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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chauffeurdriven tours of the West of Ireland

                  Sunrise on a cold West of Ireland morning

It looks like we are coming to the end of what was really a brief spell of cold weather here in Ireland and are now facing a wet and windy one for the next few days. This have been quiet a mild Winter so far. I took the above picture in my garden this morning as this beautiful orange/red sun rose above the horizon. The air was clean and fresh, as it always is in the West of Ireland. here we are free from industrial polution and refreshed continuously by three thousand miles of Atlantic air. The Gulf stream on our western shores keeps the land warm so we rarely get the really low temperatures that occur further inland, and in the North of the country. Even in those areas, they do not fall anywhere near temperatures in many states in the USA,  and elsewhere. I wonder why Irish people complain so much about the weather. I have many customers from the USA who absolutely love our climate. We never have to endure the extremes that they do back home.

Ross Castle in Killarney

When coming to Ireland, you do not have to worry too much about bringing half of your wardrobe with you. Just make sure that you bring warm undergarments, a couple of good sweaters, jeans will be fine everywhere, a spare pair of shoes, just in case one pair get wet, light rainwear, an umbrella, and a few dollars to keep my car going. Seriously though, you can get by relatively cheaply with your daily expenses by eating in the right places. Firstly, you will always get a great breakfast, lunch can be your main meal, if you choose, and there are so many places doing great pub lunches with great food at an affordable price. You may choose to have a bowl of homemade soup, we puree all of our soups here, and they are delicious, and they always give you a couple of good sized slices of homemade brown bread with your soup. If you had nothing else all day you still would not starve, Many places do a great chowder also. If you do like to go out in the evening, then you can still get great value. You just have to take your time and choose wisely.I think the best way to find good food at a good price is to ask the locals, not the youngsters, as they will send you for a Pizza or a burger and chips, not my kind of food. If you choose the more expensive places, then you still get value, and all the extras that account for the extra charge. It is nice to treat yourself sometimes. Remember, tipping is fine here and eventhough they do not ask you for it, they still do appreciate it. It is also nice to be nice.I do  not tip because it is compulsory, i tip because somebody has taken the time to look after me. 

Muckross Abbey in Killarney.

Busy is what i am at the moment as there is much to do at this time of the year in my business. This is not touring time but preparation time, getting my hotel rates for the coming year and booking all of the accommodation for those of you who have already committed to touring with me in the months ahead. Remember, the early bird catches the worm. I can only handle so much so if you think you may need me, then now is the time to get cracking.
I look forward to hearing from you.