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Monday, April 15, 2013

Chauffeurdriven Vacations for 2013 with Dovechauffeurdrive Galway Rep of Ireland

"If you ever come across the sea to Ireland"......words from the famous song"Galway Bay". I took this photo from the promenade in Salthill early the other morning. Salthill is the seaside part of this wonderful city, and it was here, in a nursing home on the seafront, that i was born, just a few years ago. I remember looking out the window that morning and asking my mother if i could go for a swim, but she said i would have to wait a little while. I made up for that later as we spent many happy Summer days swimming here on the seafront. Most Americans are surprised that swimming is so common here as they seem to think that the water would be too cold. They forget that we have the Gulf Stream here on our West coast, so maybe you would like to bring your swim suit with you when you come over? In the background in this picture you have the hills of County Clare. The Aran islands are further to the right, but cannot be made out due to an early morning haze. The sun was just coming up when i took this picture, and you can actually see the long shadows on the sand as the early morning sun appeared from the left hand side of my picture.What a lovely place Salthill was to grow up in, and my picture brings back childhood memories of fishing in the early morning from the rocks on the seafront here. Have you ever had a fresh mackerel for breakfast?
This is a picture of the famous Grotto in Ballinspittle in County Cork, the Grotto where people claimed to have seen the statue moving some twenty years ago. Thousands of people flocked to see this for themselves, and many claimed to have been witnesses to this phenomenon. The Grotto is not far from Kinsale on the south coast of Cork.

My dear friend Nancy hugging the statue of the old fisherman in front of the Trident hotel in Kinsale. I really do love this picture, and they are both really cute people.

Nancy and Rita inside the renowned Fishy Fishy restaurant in Kinsale. If you like your fish and seafood, then this is the place to go.

Eating again? This time it was Jim Edwards great restaurant in Kinsale. Well, if you tour with me, then you will do a bit of that. Do not worry though, it is optional, and i do pay for my own. Nancy, bold girl, looks busy with the salt, and that is my plate in the forefront, so keep your eyes to yourself. Rita is showing off her Irish side by holding her fork in her left hand and her knife in her right. By the way, i was not refusing to eat, i was just busy taking the picture before i got stuck in.
I just returned from a few days in Killarney again, and did have a lovely time. The weather at the moment is mixed, windy, showery, but not too cold.Believe it or not, our farmers were praying for rain as we have had a long barren dry spell, and the crops are way behind this year. Once again, the lie that it always rains in Ireland is exposed. Just look at my top photo of Galway Bay the other morning ....and eat your heart out.

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