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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chauffeurdriven vacations in the west and south west of Ireland

 A field of daisies at the back of my house. The old farm house, and the typical old style barn, belong to my neighbours, and what a lovely view they present to me on a bright and sunny Summer morning.

I am now about to enter a very busy period once again and looking forward to meeting many new and wonderful friends. Unfortunately the Obama's did not call me when they were here this week, but you cannot win them all. 

Our weather has been really nice, despite what i would consider has been very unfair and inaccurate weather forecasting. I think that our weather forecasters, and indeed our public at large, are constantly ignoring the fact that Irish weather is not supposed to deliver temperatures in the eighties and bone dry conditions. I wish they would accept the fact that Irish weather is normally a mix of sunshine and showers and rarely consists of heat waves or, on the other hand, freezing Summers. Our recent weather has been really lovely, with plenty of sunshine, a reasonable amount of showery weather, cool evenings, and beautiful fresh and bright sunny mornings. You do not come to Ireland to lie on a beach all day. You come to enjoy the finest of fresh air, a reasonable amount of sunshine, a refreshing stroll in the light Summer rain, scenery like nowhere else, flowers and beautiful green fields blessed by a climate that gives them all they need to flourish, as they should, and food that will test your resolve to keep your weight down. No wonder everybody tells me that they will be back again.

I am available if you want to contact me.

A glacial lake high in the mountains near Moll's Gap on the ring of Kerry. Hard to imagine that this was, once upon a time, buried under the ice. Ireland is magic.

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