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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chauffeurdriven vacations in Ireland

Where would you find a sky like that but in Ireland. One of the nicest and finest ladies i have ever had the privilege to travel with me was Jane Conneen from Pennsylvania, a wonderful artist who specialised in the miniature book category. Jane toured with me on a number of occasions and always claimed that there were no skies like Irish skies. I would have to admit that up until that time i had never really appreciated our skies, but ever since, i really do notice, and love them now.
The picture above i took from my garden the other day. We have just enjoyed a really beautiful spell of fine weather and it was so nice to feel the warmth in the air again after such a long protracted cold spell. Today it has reverted slightly with outbreaks of light rain and a reduction in our temperatures. It is not what i would call bad weather though, and hopefully the sun will shine again soon. The rain is welcome anyway as growth has been way behind for this time of the year due to the bad weather we have had up until recently.

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