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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer arrives in Ireland with Chauffeurdriven vacations

One of the many deserted famine time cottages on the west coast of Ireland. A tiny cottage like this might have been home to a father and mother and ten ot twelve kids. Note the small windows and doorway, they had very little in the way of good fuel to heat these homes and the less window and door space the less draughts they had to deal wi0th. In a house like this there was one main room where everything went on and a couple of tiny bedrooms and maybe a bit of loft space under the roof. They were hardy people, and they had to be to survive.

Many people have commented on my recent pictures of the lambs but this one with Cathy leaves you in no doubt tat holding a lamb is a joy. 

Relaxing in the sunshine outside my house, and enjoying the arrival of Summer at last. Our temperatures today reached into the mid twenties, and it was really nice. I always say that there is no weather like our Irish weather, despite the above average amount of rain we get. Just look at what is happening world wide right now, weatherwise. Mainland Europe is being flooded out with colossal downpours and the USA is battered by tornadoes. Other countries are being fried alive and there are vast areas of the planet turning to dust through lack of rainfall. We ourselves have had very slow growth this year and we are at least six weeks behind, with our whitethorn just blossoming now when it should have done that in March. But we are not suffering like these other areas and we have avoided the extremes. When you come to Ireland, you will not be in danger of being washed away by flooding, of hurricanes,or tornadoes or earthquakes. You may need an umbrella, or rainwear, but your life will not be in danger from extreme weather conditions. We are blessed, and if we are honest with ourselves, we should know that. 

I use my Lexus for small parties and my VW when i have up to eight people. Silver is my colour, as you can see by my hair.

These lambs had strayed into my field from my neighbours field next door. These kind of things are pretty normal when you live in a rural area like i do. In an area like this you have to make allowances, like tolerate little guys like this when they eat your flowers. Why not the weeds?

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